A lifeguard criticizes a bather for her “too low-cut” swimsuit

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“A humiliation”. This is how a 27-year-old young woman qualifies the comments made by a lifeguard at the municipal swimming pool of Port-Joint in Besançon (Doubs), reports Eastern Republican. The lifeguard has indeed criticized him for having too low-cut swimsuits.

The facts happened last Friday, when the young woman had just done laps after her work. In the process, the lifeguard told her that she could not come back in this outfit (a tanga-style swimsuit). The young woman decided to write to the city to report the facts.

Apologies to come

“Would a man undergo the same thought?” “Asks the young woman. “I have the feeling of having been a victim as a woman,” she confides to our colleagues.

Joined by Eastern Republican, the director of the sports department of the city of Besançon indicated that “apologies” will be presented to the young woman while specifying that the lifeguard had made a subjective application of the regulations.

The assault of a young woman in a swimsuit in Reims ignites social networks

A fault ?




lifeguard criticizes bather lowcut swimsuit

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