Linky meter: finally, you will have to reimburse it

Linky meter: finally, you will have to reimburse it
Linky meter: finally, you will have to reimburse it

RETURN OF THE STICK – Consumers will have to take charge of the deployment of Linky meters from 2022. Bad news, since the free installation was one of the key arguments when it began.

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“The deployment of the new meter will be free for the consumer.” This was the promise of Eric Besson, then Minister of Industry and Energy, on September 28, 2011. At the time, in an interview with Parisian, he had assured that the Linky meter would not cost “not a cent to individuals”, because fully funded by ERDF. The consumer associations UFC-Que-Choose and CLCV (Consumption Housing Environment) doubted this free, judging that the device could cost “very expensive” to consumers in the future. Ten years later, their premonition turns out to be correct.

While Enedis had, initially, announced to bear the major part of the cost (5.39 billion euros), the more than 32 million households equipped with a small communicating box will eventually have to switch to the cash register The Parisian, Monday May 31. The amount of the invoice amounts to 5.7 billion euros, according to the Court of Auditors. Each apple green meter costs a trifle of 130 euros, manufacturing and installation included, to which must be added the ancillary costs.

15 euros more per year on the invoice?

Individuals will have to start repaying this amount from 2022, due to the “deferred tariff” mechanism put in place by Enedis. The sums will be taken directly from customers’ bills, year after year, for a total of 2 billion euros in 2030. In its report, the Court of Auditors estimated the interest rate applied to reimbursement at 4.6% . This would represent a margin of 2.8% for Enedis, or half a billion euros in additional interest. There will still be 3.7 billion euros to settle. At the expense of the consumer? “As with the deferred, this will be offset by the savings generated by the meter. With readings now carried out remotely, for example”, replied the manager.

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Controversy around the data collected by Linky: can we refuse the meter?

If Enedis emphasizes that the meter makes it possible to better control its consumption, this could represent a total increase of 15 euros per year “for the next seven or eight years”, qualified Anne-Sophie Dessillons, deputy director of networks at the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), to the Parisian. A figure already put forward by the consumer association UFC-Que Choisir.

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Everyone had to be a winner in this story “, recalled Jean-Luc Dupont, vice-president and spokesperson for the National Federation of licensing and regulated communities (FNCCR). “However, it seems that the meter will only benefit the distributor. In which case the consumer is not intended to finance it.”

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Linky meter finally reimburse

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