why the various facts involving madmen multiply in France

why the various facts involving madmen multiply in France
why the various facts involving madmen multiply in France

In the space of just a few weeks, attacks by madmen on the run have multiplied in France. Some experts are worried about it and see it as an effect of the health crisis.

How to explain these various facts which resemble each other and multiply in France in recent weeks? In Dordogne, the madman arrested after 36 hours of stalking is the last of a list that is growing in the country, to the point of worrying the authorities.

This Sunday, a 73-year-old man took refuge in his home in Emerainville (Seine-et-Marne) for nearly three hours after shooting at his neighbors, killing one of them. At around 10:30 p.m., he surrendered after the RAID intervention. Two weeks ago, it was Valentin Marcone in the Cévennes, who after killing his employer and his colleague, fled into the forest before being arrested three days later, at the end of a run that had mobilized an impressive police device.

A notable increase in this type of business

We can also cite this 45-year-old man in Cantal at the end of March, who took refuge in his home and shot the gendarmes, before being arrested by the GIGN. According to the boss of the intervention group, there has been a real upsurge in this type of business in recent months in France:

“Over the period from January 1 to May 30, there is a doubling of GIGN interventions on madmen. Over the same period we had 13 interventions in 2020, and 27 this year”, explains General Ghislain Réty on BFMTV. “We must also take into account the interventions of regional negotiators, who intervene in conflicts that are a little less intense. Here too we have an upsurge with a 2.5-fold increase in interventions on these madmen.”

Invited on the set of BFM this Monday evening, the spokesperson for the national gendarmerie Maddy Scheurer also testifies to this increase: “During the year 2020, we treated cases of madmen about a day On two.”

A “Covid effect”?

But then how to explain this phenomenon? According to General Ghislain Réty, several things can be taken into account in the passage to the act of these individuals: family, financial, social problems, to which are sometimes added possible alcohol or psychological problems. Characteristics that come up regularly on the table when drawing up the profile of the madmen. But more than that, the boss of GIGN can not help but see the impact of the health crisis:

“My intimate conviction is that there is a link. It’s a bit like a pressure cooker where we put people under pressure, at one point it explodes. Especially with the promiscuity imposed in certain family circles. . There is perhaps a second link: have we not delayed certain necessary care, certain social assistance? “, He wonders.

Did the coronavirus crisis, the anxiety it aroused and the lockdowns that followed in France increase this type of news item? A probable hypothesis, according to the psychiatrist Antoine Pelissolo: “Many people went through a period where the conflicts were exacerbated, where the conditions for breathing were more complicated, and probably that it could have made decompensate a certain number of tensions”, explains the specialist, who recalls that these individuals sometimes do not have the slightest sign of mental illness, but that “the level of conflict throughout the country has increased.”

Invited on the set of 22H Max this Monday evening, the former Minister of the Interior and President of the group La République En Marche at the National Assembly Christophe Castaner also spoke on the possible link between these madmen and the crisis sanitary:

“I make a link between the madmen who commit this type of act and domestic violence. And we know that there is a link between confinement, confinement sometimes required, in particular during the first confinement, and domestic violence. “

“A madman acts every two nights in France”

According to the former tenant of Beauvau, there would be today in France “a madman every two nights who intervenes in our country”. A “trend” according to him, which must be separated from crimes and misdemeanors such as homicides which according to him, have “fallen sharply” in France.

If the figures put forward by the GIGN are there and show an increase in 2021 of this type of news item, some specialists nevertheless prefer to remain cautious, like Jean-Michel Schlosser, former police officer and researcher at the Center for Sociological Research on the law and penal institutions. For him who was invited this Monday on BFM, it is still a little early to talk about the “Covid effect”:

“There are a lot of bloody facts, in a short period of time. But through this media coverage, the French are in a way assisting the daily police officers who day and night have referrals of this kind.”

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