Christophe Castaner criticizes Guillaume Peltier’s proposals

Christophe Castaner criticizes Guillaume Peltier’s proposals
Christophe Castaner criticizes Guillaume Peltier’s proposals

Asked to react to the idea of ​​an “exceptional justice” against terrorism, Christophe Castaner considered that it was an “anthology of nonsense”. Problem, Bruno Lemaire said the same things five years ago …

Invited on BFMTV this Monday evening, the former Minister of the Interior and president of the group La République En Marche (LaREM) in the National Assembly Christophe Castaner attacked the remarks made by Guillaume Peltier on Sunday on RTL. The vice-president of the Republicans had put forward and pleaded for “exceptional justice” without appeal against terrorism.

An “anthology of nonsense”, according to Christophe Castaner, who according to him says a lot about the political convictions of number 2 of LR:

“Guillaume Peltier we know where he comes from, we know where he is and obviously we know where he will return,” he said, referring to the political beginnings of the deputy for Loir-et-Cher at the National Front, and to his closeness displayed with Robert Ménard: “He has at least one constancy: that of having the most conservative and retrograde ideas”.

Bruno Lemaire, also for exceptional justice in 2016

Problem: this type of announcement about an “exceptional justice” for radicalized had already been mentioned in the past … By a member of the current government, in the person of Bruno Lemaire. In 2016 on the RTL set, the current Minister of the Economy took almost word for word the remarks accused of Guillaume Peltier: systematic expulsion of S files, preventive confinement of the French who would represent a threat … even if it means changing the situation. Rule of law, which he said was not “immutable”.

Invited by BFMTV to react to the sequence, Christophe Castaner believes that Bruno Lemaire “has changed” by joining Emmanuel Macron in 2017: “You have the strategy to mix everything up at the same time. But Bruno’s words five years ago Lemaire are not his way of thinking today, “he still defended.


Christophe Castaner criticizes Guillaume Peltiers proposals

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