4.5 million doses of vaccine expected in June, a record

4.5 million doses of vaccine expected in June, a record
4.5 million doses of vaccine expected in June, a record

“Since yesterday, one in two adults has received their first dose of vaccine”, recalled Yves Van Laethem during the press conference of the Interfederal Crisis Center on Tuesday morning. “And one in four adults received both doses. It’s the half-full bottle.” for the spokesperson for the Crisis Center who also recalled the need for a complete vaccination schedule to deal with Covid-19.

However, there is no question of throwing the hygiene measures in the trash: the spokesperson for the Crisis Center also recalled their importance as well as that of barrier gestures: “We will probably receive more people at home in the days to come. We must think about the unvaccinated and our action to reduce the risk of viral transmission.” In other words, the rules will not disappear overnight even if the evolution is favorable. “We are emerging from the crisis but we are not yet on the other side of the door that will close this page of our history”, recalled Yves Van Laethem.

While most seniors are vaccinated (two doses) and 80% of people with co-morbid factors (obesity, diabetes, etc.) have received their first dose of vaccine, vaccination will be open to everyone on Thursday, June 3. With the exception of pregnant women, doctors will no longer be able to add patients with comorbidities to priority vaccination lists.

“At the same time, in June, the vaccination campaign will go up a notch since no less than 4.5 million doses of vaccine will be delivered, which constitutes a new record”, said the representative of the Vaccination Task Force, Sabine Stordeur. And to continue: The vaccination centers have prepared for this. If necessary, they are ready to add new immunization lines and add new time slots to immunize more people. “

We are on the way to succeeding in our collective bet: to vaccinate on a voluntary basis as many people as possible to achieve collective immunity and regain control of our lives “, concluded Sabine Stordeur.

“All the indicators of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to evolve convincingly. We can think that new relaxations will point the tip of their nose in the coming days”, also supported Yves Van Laethem. This is true for new contaminations, hospitalizations, Covid patients treated in intensive care units or even deaths.

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The drop is even significant for some indicators with now 1,766 new cases listed in the last 24 hours. Now, 1,232 are hospitalized because of the coronavirus, including 438 patients in intensive care.

“Eighty-four people are now hospitalized per day due to Covid-19. They were still 115 a week ago. We expect to reach the number of 75 if everything continues to evolve in this way. times, it was at the end of September. It has been many months since we had known this favorable situation “, rejoiced the spokesperson for the Interfederal Crisis Center. And to conclude: “The occupancy rate continues to fall and it has even accelerated”.

In the past 24 hours, 13 more deaths are to be deplored, bringing the total death toll from the coronavirus to 24,955. Here too, the indicator is declining and this decrease is set to continue.

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