May hadn’t been this cool since 2013

May hadn’t been this cool since 2013
May hadn’t been this cool since 2013

Do you have the feeling that you haven’t been able to put your coat or umbrella away in recent months? Despite a heat peak at the end of March, the meteorological spring, which covers the months of March, April and May, was marked by great freshness, Confirms Météo France. It had not been so cool in May in the country since 2013 specifies the organization on Twitter which recorded an average temperature of about 13.8 ° C nationally, against 12.8 ° C in 2013 .

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The same was observed in April, during which cold records caused significant damage to crops. Average temperatures were 0.7 ° C lower than seasonal norms. “On average, temperatures were more than 1 ° C below seasonal values ​​over the northern half of the country “, reports Météo France. “On the scale of France and the season, it should be lower than normal * by 0.6 ° C.”

A rainy month of May

This month of May 2021 was also rainy: “We had 30% more rain than on average”, details Steven Testelin forecaster at Météo France. However, “over the whole season, the number of rainy days was lower than normal in most areas, especially on the Atlantic coast and along the Pyrenees “ indicates Météo France. “Despite the many rainy passages in May, accumulations of rainfall have generally been in deficit in the western half of the country as well as in Corsica.”

The Pyrenean regions, and in particular Roussillon, suffered particularly with half the rain and snow than normal. “The deficit exceeded 20% near the Channel coast as well as in the regions bordering the Atlantic”, further specifies the _smeteorological service. “The rainfall amounts were more in line with normal on the eastern flank, even locally in excess in Rhône-Alpes and PACA region. On average over France, rainfall should be in deficit * by more than 10%. “_

More sun over most of the country

If the month of May was cool and rainy, spring was generally sunny in the country. The excess sunshine ** has reached “20 to 40% in the North-West. From Lower Normandy and Brittany to the north of New Aquitaine, the sun has been as generous, even locally more than in the Mediterranean regions where the sunshine has been more according to the season. “

For example, from March 1 to May 26, the sun shone 625 hours in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales), 654 hours in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), 637 hours in Caen (Calvados), 640 hours in Dinard ( Côtes-d’Armor), 665 hours in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), 710 hours in Ajaccio (Corse-du-Sud) and 751 hours in Château-d’Olonne (Vendée).

* 1981-2010 reference average.

** 1991-2010 reference average.

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