From the great Phillip Danault | The Journal of Montreal

From the great Phillip Danault | The Journal of Montreal
From the great Phillip Danault | The Journal of Montreal

TORONTO | There was a great scene during the traditional handshake after the Canadiens’ victory and the elimination of the Maple Leafs. In the middle of the ice, Auston Matthews took the time to whisper a few words in Phillip Danault’s ear. By this simple gesture, Matthews recognized the immense work of the Quebecer against his unity in this series. The Leafs number 34 finished the series with one goal and four assists in seven games.

“He showed me that he had his arms full of it. Both, we respect each other a lot. Auston is one of the best players in the NHL. He’s one of the most difficult players to face and he probably thinks the same of me. But I don’t want to speak for him. I respect him a lot as a player and I think it’s mutual. “

– Phillip Danault

Author of the first goal in this seventh game, Brendan Gallagher felt he was to unblock offensively. He wanted to score a big goal for his teammates. But after the game, he mostly sent flowers to his center player.

“I hope everyone now realizes how important Phil is to our team. He loves challenges, he was happy to find himself against the trio of Matthews and Marner. He now has a big smile on his face. He doesn’t think about the points [1 passe en 7 parties], he just wants to win. “

– Brendan Gallagher

After Game 4, Carey Price made a rare emotional statement saying he still believes in his teammates and the team’s goal scoring potential. He was finally right. The goaltender from Anahim Lake was once again a man of few words after his seven-game triumph over the Leafs.

“It was the best team effort this season. “

– Carey Price

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