Pet and Repeat: the true story awarded by the SGL Books

Pet and Repeat: the true story awarded by the SGL Books
Pet and Repeat: the true story awarded by the SGL Books

At the beginning of May, Guillaume Perreault admitted surprisingly surprised to learn that the creation, produced in tandem with Katia Canciani and published in 2019, was a finalist. Of all the illustrated books by the Gatineau resident recently installed in Trois-Rivières, the latter would not have bet on “a story of farts” to get to one of the biggest [prix] in Canada in literature.

Her colleague Katia Canciani, who lives in Brussels where she now resides after living in the Ottawa area for several years, was also surprised that the book was even nominated in the youth category because of the tone of the story. As far as I know, this is the first time that a comedy book has been a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Awards for Children , the author advances

I did not expect it, but then there … not … at … all, she adds, hammering out the words. [C’est] immense happiness following the shock.

Katia Canciani receives the honor as one absolutely exceptional recognition , since it is about a first BooksGG prize in career for the one who has signed 48 literary works. She hopes that the visibility associated with the award will allow the children’s album to travel more by being translated, for example, to allow French and English literature in Canada to know each other better .

“Humor as a social lubricant”

Katia Canciani considers that crown as well Pet and Repeat : the real story testifies to the importance of laughter in children’s literature as well as in society, especially in the context of the current pandemic.

For me, it’s a recognition of humor as a social lubricant, as a way of getting through crises. And I’m so happy that the jury managed to [y] seeing literary artistic qualities that went well beyond the joke that we know so well from childhood.

A quote from:Katia Canciani, author

For the writer, humor facilitates discussions between young readers and their parents around themes such as brotherhood, career choices, family and adaptation to change, addressed in her album.

The latter states that it does not, however watered down neither the text nor the vocabulary of the book so that children find it interesting regardless of their stage of development. If toddlers will laugh while listening to a joke about gas, the older ones will have fun discovering the characters of Pet and Repeats whose life the author had fun imagining, from the cradle to the retirement home.

Using a joke straight out of folklore, that everyone has always known and told , Katia Canciani feels like creating bridges between generations.

It’s a pleasure to see that because I say to myself: ” Suddenly, I’m not just talking to children, I talk to everyone and it allows adults, grandparents, the little ones to talk things that bring us together ”, she concludes.

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