[Made in France] Kejako corrects presbyopia with laser

[Made in France] Kejako corrects presbyopia with laser
[Made in France] Kejako corrects presbyopia with laser

From the age of 45, presbyopia begins to weaken sight. The lens loses its flexibility as it ages, making it difficult to focus vision. The solutions to overcome this deficiency are the wearing of glasses or surgery. David Enfrun and Gilles Bos, the founders of Kejako, imagined an alternative: “We use a femtosecond laser with an infrared beam to disaggregate matter and restore elasticity to the lens without incision of the cornea. We rejuvenate it », Explains David Enfrun.

The idea is to treat the origin of the problem rather than correcting it, to restore normal vision to the patient for several years. ” Simulations and ongoing trials show that presbyopia can already be treated for three years. But we want to bring maximum efficiency », Continues the manager. Before arriving at this solution, the two engineers created a digital model of the different parts of the eye, including the lens, but also its ligament system, the retina, the vitreous or the cornea. ” We made an exact representation of the patient’s eye, configurable as a digital twin of each eye », Specifies David Enfrun.

This multiphysics simulation tool integrates the mechanical, fluidic and optical functions of the eye at the same time. ” We can simulate visual accommodation, the ability of the eye to adapt, its aging, but also simulate the solutions that we want to evaluate. With this tool, the start-up plans the procedure adapted to each patient thanks to its digital representation and sizes the treatment before sending the corresponding program to the laser. ” The simulation makes it possible to reduce the zone and the volume to be treated in the lens and to guarantee a minimum performance for each one according to his situation. “While David Enfrun hopes to launch the marketing of Kejako in 2024, he recalls that the start-up has just launched a fundraising of 2.5 million euros which should be completed before the summer.


France Kejako corrects presbyopia laser

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