The Pyrenees-Orientales CAF on France Bleu Roussillon

The Pyrenees-Orientales CAF on France Bleu Roussillon
The Pyrenees-Orientales CAF on France Bleu Roussillon

Our guests : Laurence Copin Support Unit Services and David Maury Director of Services at CAF des Pyrénées-Orientales.

Allowances for students and the summer period

Two scenarios, either the student keeps the same accommodation at the start of the school year, or there is a change.

We have set up a procedure on Student grant recipients or non-grant recipients who are tenants in a university residence must log on to to confirm to us whether they are maintaining their accommodation during the summer, July, August, or whether they are taking over the same accommodation at the return in September so that the maintenance of housing allowance can be continued or not. If he keeps his accommodation, he must indicate that he will take back his accommodation in September and this will allow his rights to resume from the month of September, there will be no interruption of his right, normally we reopen the right in the month which follows, but there we will maintain it from September. If he does not maintain his accommodation during the holidays but takes it back in September, we will not pay July, August but we will resume in September, if he leaves his accommodation at that time we will stop paying the housing allowance and he will have to redo a new file for a new application.

Reception and processing of files

How to enter contact with the CAF des Pyrénées-Orientales at the moment?

it always remains by appointment, whether in physical or telephone appointment (3230) which in the vast majority of situations allow the file to be processed. We also now have a solution in Visio Contact which adds the visual aspect for the beneficiary with his CAF advisor.

Treatment of files currently.

We are always behind, it is gradually being reduced, as I had indicated in the previous months, we have put in place a number of measures to absorb this delay, we are hopeful that it will be resolved by now. the summer but we make sure that it goes as well as possible, for example these next two Saturdays we have overtime for the technicians.

Refund of CAF and right to error

There is always a solution that exists to best manage the situation and in particular if we have to reimburse CAF. You just have to report the situation as soon as possible.

You can agree on a personalized schedule, you just need to contact the collection department to be able to proceed in this way.

The right to make mistakes, the service oops.

Oops, this is what materializes the right to make mistakes for a trustworthy company, so we recognize the right to make mistakes, we must report as soon as possible so that we can rectify things and limit undue charges. file according to the changes to be regularized.

And to report the situation, we go through the internet

The new number of the CAF for any information it is the 3230.

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