Google is currently tweaking the feature of sharing clips from YouTube videos

Google is currently tweaking the feature of sharing clips from YouTube videos
Google is currently tweaking the feature of sharing clips from YouTube videos

It’s already a must-have feature on Twitch that will soon be appearing on YouTube: creating and sharing clips from a video. Google recently launched an alpha test on several channels before rolling out this feature worldwide, which should change the lives of a lot of people.

Earlier this year, Google offered several YouTube users a new feature: the ability to create clips from a YouTube video and then share it with friends. This week, Google is stepping up a gear and launching an alpha version limited to just a few channels of the platform.

What does this consist of? This feature is similar to what has been available on Twitch for a long time. Basically, when it rolls out globally, any user will be able to create a clip from any video of their choice. This clip can last between 5 and 60 seconds and can then be downloaded, saved and of course shared. This is an extremely handy feature for showing a funny clip of a video to a friend without having to watch the entire video.

Currently, it is still possible to share a video with a timecode so that people who click on the link start watching at a predetermined timecode.

Alpha version

Google has therefore deployed a limited alpha version of this new feature. The firm says that on some videos, a new icon has appeared to create these famous clips. These can then be shared by simply copying the link provided by YouTube. They can also be integrated into articles or directly published on social networks. Just like the clips on Twitch, actually.

But beware, Google is only at the limited alpha version. In other words, only certain YouTube channels already have access to the feature. “Creators cannot register to participate in the alpha testing phase, but we hope to roll out this feature soon,” says Google. That said, it seems that more and more channels have been affected by this alpha version in recent days. You can see how it works in the video below, shared on Reddit.

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Google tweaking feature sharing clips YouTube videos

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