Parental leave in France: towards better compensation?

Parental leave in France: towards better compensation?
Parental leave in France: towards better compensation?

Government plans to reform parental leave so that parents give their child more time immediately after birth

While paternity leave must go from 14 to 28 days from July 1, with a mandatory week just after birth, the government has launched a mission to strengthen the presence of parents with the baby during its first year, says Le Parisien.

This mission entitled “to better reconcile personal and professional life” is led by Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State in charge of children and families, and Élisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor. It aims in particular to reform the current parental leave to follow the Swedish or Norwegian model, where both parents are encouraged not to work during the first year of their child.

The mission is based in particular on the “report of the first 1,000 days” by neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik, who highlighted the importance of interactions between the baby and his parents in the first months of his life. “The reform starts from the observation that parental leave is taken by a large majority of women, that it slows down their professional careers and reinforces gender inequalities which are already very strong when a child arrives”, points out Grégory Verdugo, associate professor at OFCE (French observatory of economic conditions).

Up to 80% of salary

To fight against these inequalities and encourage fathers to take their paternity leave, the government thus wishes to better compensate parental leave. Today, he is compensated up to 400 euros per month for full-time leave, regardless of the salary spent. According to Le Parisien, the executive leans for compensation calculated on the basis of past salary and which can go up to 80% of it. This is already done in Germany or Sweden.

According to Adrien Taquet’s entourage, “this reform could profoundly change society. This could ultimately have consequences on childcare arrangements, demand could change and require fewer places before the child is 1 year old ”. The conclusions are expected in September.


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