The fatal script error of “Murders in Toulouse” on France 3

If they were careful, the 5.9 million viewers who watched the TV movie “Murders in Toulouse”, this Saturday, May 29, on France 3, could see some inconsistencies in the settings and an unfortunate script error …

On twitter, viewers of the telefilm “Meurtres à Toulouse”, this May 29, on France 3, noted inconsistencies in the sets… @ Ulrich Lebeuf / Myop

Place Saint-Sernin, Quais de la Garonne, José Cabanis Multimedia Library, Cale du Radoub… Shot in the middle of summer, the TV movie “Meurtres à Toulouse” stages emblematic places of the pink city. Its broadcast, this Saturday, May 29, on France 3, gave rise to a decryption session by some particularly attentive viewers on the social network Twitter. Like this seller of the Micromania store in the city center, who calls himself Bloblo le Rigolo: “According to them the offices of the judicial police were at the Esquirol metro”, he remarks.

Valentine, another Toulouse fan of the France 3 Saturday night crime series, is surprised to see her heroes drive directly from the Allées de Brienne to the Cours Dillon. “They teleported,” replied Bloblo the Funny. So many assumed shooting choices that in no way alter the credibility of this fiction.

The detail that kills

It was inside the police station that a real script error was made. A tweeters baptized Carlo Tentacule cannot believe his eyes: “It’s me who dreams or the police station in the police telefilm of France 3 is the José Cabanis media library in Toulouse and they have not even or barely changed the signage ? “

Photo in support, we see the hero Lionnel Astier pass in front of a panel where it is written “Administration media library”. What makes react another member of the social network, who calls himself chrlthnrd and who obviously attended the shooting: “Astonishing because they had really thought of everything, 48 hours of ramdam qd same …” An error which however went unnoticed for the Most of the 5.9 million viewers of “Meurtres à Toulouse”. The TV movie achieved the best TV audience last week in France.


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