Death of Lucie in Pont-Audemer in 2019: the postwoman sentenced to 2 years in prison

Through Editorial staff Pont-d’Audemer
Published on 31 May 21 at 5:06 p.m.

The fatal accident occurred Thursday, June 6, around 9.45 a.m., rue des Déportés in Pont-Audemer. (© The Awakening of Pont-Audemer)

The audience of court of Évreux (Eure) of May 27, 2019 did not allow to know more about the tragic accident which left an entire family in mourning, Pont-Audemer, June 6, 2019. There remains only the course of events, during this hearing. Both simple and tragic.

” I did not see anything “

On June 6, 2019, Natacha *, 59 years old now living near Pont-Audemer, was on her tour. Postman for many years, she was used to driving her vehicle. However, at 9.50 a.m., while traveling rue des Déportés in Pont-Audemer, she collided, having seen them at the last moment, a group of high school students crossing the road on a protected passage. And Lucie, 16, from Hauville, died despite being transferred by helicopter to Charles-Nicolle hospital in Rouen. Luckier, one of his comrades was taken care of by the local hospital.

Testimonies established that a car traveling in the opposite direction had stopped to let the group of eight high school students pass. Still others reveal that the La Poste vehicle had a “start” before moving away and colliding with the car stopped at the pedestrian crossing.

Expertise showed, for its part, that the accident was not the result of a mechanical failure. Finally, the investigation confirmed that the driver had not consumed alcohol or narcotics and was not on the phone. But other than that nothing else. “I had passed in front of the school and I was looking at the vehicles on the right. I looked a lot to the right because I was afraid someone would come out. I didn’t see anything or if I saw, I panicked. I still work at La Poste with an electric car ”, explained in a barely audible voice the defendant in front of the two brothers and the parents of the victim.

“The road was straight and clear”

“Lucie was 16 years old, it was her last day of school and she had gone to high school to meet up with friends before the summer holidays. The group of friends were heading to the skate park. Three young people crossed and two others just had time to stop. At 9:50 am, it was not raining and the road was straight and clear. In fact, the speed was probably not suitable ”, pleaded the lawyer of the relatives of the victim, Unroll me.

Two years suspended prison sentence and cancellation of license having been requested, the defense lawyer, Me Godefroy, took over by pleading in particular: “Natacha * is haunted and eaten away by guilt. She has no explanation and it upsets her. So she keeps reconstructing history. I am struck by the fact that this can happen to all of us because we are not robots. She apologizes to the family, repeating that what she has done is not possible ”.

The court having followed the prosecution, Natacha * was sentenced to two years in prison with a simple suspended sentence. His license is canceled with a ban on ironing it before 6 months. Finally, the relatives of the victim will be compensated.

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