LIVE – Suspect neutralized in Dordogne: the latest information

LIVE – Suspect neutralized in Dordogne: the latest information
LIVE – Suspect neutralized in Dordogne: the latest information


– Terry Dupin is actively wanted for “attempted homicide”, since Sunday, May 30 in the morning at Lardin-Saint-Lazare, in Dordogne. Described as a “dangerous” individual, he shot the gendarmes called for a family dispute, without causing any injuries.

– The man, aged 29, is a former soldier. Measuring 1m83, he is athletic build, Caucasian type and has a beard, according to the call for witnesses from the gendarmerie. For any report or information, contact

– The individual is in possession of at least one knife and two rifles. He would have gone Sunday around midnight to the home of his ex-girlfriend, where he exercised violence on the latter’s new boyfriend. He shot him, without injuring him.

– He has been convicted four times for domestic violence on his ex-wife, with whom he had three children who are young. Heavily armed, he was nevertheless registered in the national file of persons prohibited from acquiring and possessing weapons.

– Nearly 330 soldiers including 2 teams from GIGN, mobile gendarmes, a dog team and two helicopters are mobilized to find him as quickly as possible.

– Surrounded in a wooded area of ​​4 km², the man used his weapon three times against the gendarmes, without causing any casualties. “We are faced with a seasoned individual, enduring, used to living for several days in autonomy,” said General André Pétillot.

– The man, entrenched in this Dordogne forest, is carrying an electronic bracelet for acts of domestic violence. This bracelet helped the gendarmes in their hunt.

– The village of Lardin-Saint-Lazare is completely sealed off. The inhabitants are called to stay at home. There will be no school or school transport on Monday May 31st. “The risk is there, the individual is armed”, repeated the prefect Frédéric Périssat.

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