56-year-old man dies, his wife is hospitalized

56-year-old man dies, his wife is hospitalized
56-year-old man dies, his wife is hospitalized

The sun was shining again this weekend after a long period of rain. Ronny Theys, a biker from Maasmechelen, was delighted. He had been riding his Harley Davidson for years and had recently gotten it ready for spring.

After enjoying the sun in Tongeren at the end of the day on Sunday, the couple were returning home when a vehicle crashed into the motorcycle Ronny and Corry were on. The 56-year-old man died instantly. Ronny dies instantly.

Still shocked, Ian and Layla, the daughters of Ronny and Corry, confided in our colleagues at HLN. “It should have been a great day, they were happy to go out again,” say Ian and Layla. “They liked to do that, to go on motorcycle rides together. Mom went there regularly. “

A return that turns into a drama

But on the way back, things go wrong. On the Rijksweg in Rekem towards Opgrimbie, Ronny Theys collides with another car. The couple suffered a heavy fall and emergency services rushed to the scene. For Ronny, help arrived too late, he lost his life on the spot. His wife Corry is taken to the hospital.

“She is still in intensive care but was supposed to be allowed to go to a room today,” says Ian. “We just called the hospital and they had to do another scan. His injuries are indeed serious. Corry suffers from a broken wrist, scapula, femur and severe head trauma. A long rehabilitation awaits him.

The two girls want to break the bad news to their mom as soon as possible. “We want to tell him the bad news ourselves. The hospital staff will probably be there, they have more experience. In any case, we want to be present. Maybe she remembers how the accident happened. We’re already planning the funeral, there’s so much going on in our heads. As soon as mom has been informed, she will be able to decide on certain things as well, ”explained the teenagers.

According to Ian and his sister Leyla, the exact circumstances of the crash are not yet clear. It is possible that the driver of the car wanted to turn, which would explain why the motorcycle ends up on its side. The expert’s report should provide more clarity on this subject.

“A number of questions have yet to be answered so we would like to be clear on this. Dad was a very experienced biker. A teddy bear with a real heart of gold. He had a big heart for animals and he was also committed to the environment. He will be sorely missed, ”added Ronny’s daughters.

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