“My patience has limits”

“My patience has limits”
“My patience has limits”

The first part of the Top Chef semi-final confirmed that the contestants stand up close. And that Paul Pairet is capable of losing patience. Yes Yes.

There are only two steps left for Top Chef’s last three cooks, Sarah, Mohamed and Matthias, before a potential consecration. This week, it’s time for the semi-final.

Each candidate will impose his own test on the other two cooks. He must win to prevent his opponents from scoring a point. The candidates with the most points will go to the final.

Mohamed opened the ball with his theme around stuffed macaroni.

A test marked in particular by the annoyance of Paul Pairet vis-à-vis Sarah, completely lost and defeatist.

“It pisses me off”, declared the candidate at the start of the event… Paul Pairet first played the appeasement, asserting that “there are no themes that are not interesting ”.

You’re pulling something out of me. You precook these macaroni. You’re playing a prank on me. You make me two sauces. It’s not going to be difficult. We can’t do that to you either.

“That does not help me. Chief, you’re not helping me at all, ”said Sarah, distraught. What Paul Pairet ended up responding to by leaving her behind: “My patience has limits. There, it will not do it. We started off on a very bad basis. It’s quite rare that I get angry, but now I’m going to get angry. You are all alone ”.

At the interview, the chef will explain his dissatisfaction. “If we want to go to the final, we start by fighting. We cannot make the recipe for him. If it is not she who takes matters in hand, it is too bad for her ”.

The purple brigade will end up repairing itself, with the intervention of Hélène Darroze.

A salutary intervention, since Sarah… wins the race ahead of Mohamed!

It is then the turn of the young chef to impose her theme for the second round. It is a question of making a dessert with four imposed products: marrow bone, sea urchin, citrus fruits and… pollen. Why not…

A test that will not smile on Sarah since she finishes last, and therefore offers Matthias and Mohamed a point, which puts all the candidates tied before the last test. Meeting next week. Preview below.

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