a robot called “Tory” is responsible for making an inventory of all the articles

a robot called “Tory” is responsible for making an inventory of all the articles
a robot called “Tory” is responsible for making an inventory of all the articles

A pilot project in Europe: the Decathlon store in Arlon has just been equipped with a whole new technology.

The objective is to take tasks away from the employees of the sign and to free up them more time to help and advise the customers. Cyril in the press review of 8/9.

Tory“take a walk during noon, but also in the evening after closing captures everything on the shelves and realize inventory explains Cyril on the 8/9 set. For Jérôme de Warzée: ” it is certainly to pay less staff even if the store managers do not say so “.

Its main role : inventory all the articles that the store has in order to guarantee the fairest stock, to improve the availability of their products can we read in the columns of the daily.

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Ureal pride for the Décathlon d’Arlon store: above all because it is abouta pilot project in Europe and that Arlon is the first store in Belgium to be equipped with this new technology.

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Check out the “Tory” robot in the video below.

Robots of this kind, there are four in Europe for now: one in Spain, one in Italy, one in France and obviously, The Sterpenich Decathlon is the first in Belgium to use this technology further specifies our colleagues from South Press.

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According to the store specializing in sporting goods, the team is more available to customers, this is what they actually expect, still report our colleagues from South Press !

Since many years, new technologies are appearing in shops. Not without creating controversy. The most evocative example to date, automatic checkouts concludes the daily.

These smart cash registers are strongly criticized because they would replace employees and cashiers.

The full article can be found in the editions of South Press from this Tuesday, June 1.

The press review is every day of the week at 8:30 am in Le 8/9 on radio and on TV on La Une.

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