Former Gims manager suspected of defrauding Universal Music France

Former Gims manager suspected of defrauding Universal Music France
Former Gims manager suspected of defrauding Universal Music France

A former manager of the label Monstre Marin Corporation, created by rapper Gims, finds himself at the heart of an accusation of organized gang fraud. An 18-month prison sentence was required against this man, tried on Monday, May 31, before the Criminal Court of Créteil with other defendants, for having defrauded nearly 300,000 euros from Universal Music France between 2014 and 2016. Studio recordings, photo shoot, travel: Universal Music has paid dozens of invoices “without justification” and actually corresponding to “no service”, recalled Monday the president of the court.

In 2015, Gims called on this “label manager” to help him in particular to produce a new album, “Djuna Family”. The investigation will show that false invoices were made for this project, while Gims himself assures that he has not spent anything for it, ultimately aborted. For other projects including that planned with the singer Vitaa, “false invoices” are also written, according to investigators. “It is he (the manager Editor’s note) who really took advantage of this offense, the one who is in a position of strength, who was able to impose his will,” said the prosecutor during her indictment.

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The release requested by the defense lawyer

“Never in my life have I made false invoices,” assured the manager at the helm, denying the facts. “It’s a particular environment”, “I establish a budget for an album and a valid management control, my role is to make the system more fluid”, added the defendant, at the head of several companies providing services for different artists like Vitaa or the singer Bramsito. For his lawyer, Me Yann Le Bras, “Universal releases budget lines for my client who uses service providers”, pleading the release because “no offense has materialized”.

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“Even if the process was unusual, I did not see any wrongdoing, for me there was a form of logic”, explained for his part a sound engineer, provider of this label manager and also warned. “I could not realize that it was vague, for me it was the way of working in this environment, for me, everything was done in a professional framework”, affirmed another defendant, photographer service provider. The court will deliver its judgment on September 27.

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