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Real estate: why prices are still rising

In one year, real estate prices have jumped in Strasbourg (+ 8.2%), Nantes (+ 6.5%), Rennes (+ 5%). In May alone, prices in regional metropolises still posted increases of up to 1%. With one exception – Montpellier which fell by 0.3% – prices are climbing everywhere in France.

Another sign of the dynamics of the market: lead times are on the decline. According to figures from Meilleur Agents, we have gone in Marseille from 71 days in January to 58 days today. And above all, in Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille and Rennes, sales deadlines are less than 50 days between the first publication of an advertisement and the signing of the promise to sell, which is very little given the administrative deadlines. incompressible.


Real estate prices rising

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