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The circulation of the virus is down sharply everywhere in France. Especially in the Paris region, where the 3rd wave was strong. Currently, it is in the Loire department where the virus circulates the most in France.

Very affected during the 2nd wave, in November, the Loire department is currently the one where the virus circulates the most in France. According to the latest data stabilized as of Friday, May 28. But the circulation is at a fairly low level, obviously much lower than the peaks of the 2nd and 3rd waves. It is dropping everywhere in France, it is dropping just a little slower in the Loire.

The circulation of the virus at time t in a territory is measured by the incidence rate. Policymakers have their eyes on it. It is a key indicator. The incidence rate determines the number of positive cases over the last 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants. On a slippery week. It is a very good way to measure the degree of circulation of the virus, at an instant t, on a territory. In the Loire department, according to the latest figures stabilized on Friday May 28, the incidence rate is 155 (the data therefore take into account the period between Saturday May 22 and Friday May 28). A slightly higher incidence rate. This week’s figures take into account Monday, May 24, a public holiday. Fewer tests, therefore inevitably fewer positive cases and an even more pronounced drop in the incidence rate.

Incidence rates in mainland France, by department:

  • average: 93
  • Loire : 155
  • Côte d’Or : 154
  • Val d’Oise: 150
  • Seine-Saint-Denis: 134
  • Val-de-Marne: 125
  • North: 124
  • … Haute-Loire: 119
  • … Rhône : 112
  • … Isère : 79
  • … Ain : 66

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