“For employment and the French social model”, Gilles Attaf, becomes president of the Origine France Garantie label

“For employment and the French social model”, Gilles Attaf, becomes president of the Origine France Garantie label
“For employment and the French social model”, Gilles Attaf, becomes president of the Origine France Garantie label

He is one of the first bosses to have obtained the Origine France Garantie label, when he was CEO of Smuggler, now Gilles Attaf is the president of this label. He has just taken over from Yves Jego in this post, with a lot of enthusiasm and always the will to carry the tricolor colors high. An approach that made him discover the France Confection workshops in Limoges, at the beginning of the 2000s. Since then France Confection has become France Manufacture and Gilles Attaf has left Smuggler to bounce back with Belleville, a new brand launched in October 2020. But he is staying faithful to this Limougeaud workshop, symbol of know-how and French industry that he intends to defend.

The health crisis: a revealer and an accelerator

Guest of France Bleu Limousin this Tuesday, Gilles Attaf notes that the crisis has accelerated the movement on “the need for traceability, to know how products are made.” A trend already sensitive for a few years with consumers, but which turned out to be even more significant. A bad for a good, which still somewhat saddens the new president of the label Origine France Garantie. “It’s a shame that we have to be in crises to actually realize that we need economic sovereignty and to control production at a minimum in order to be independent.”

The supply difficulties for the masks were notably revealing last year. Companies such as the France Manufacture workshops in Limoges were called upon to urgently manufacture fabric masks. At the same time, Gilles Attaf notes also an ecological awareness : “Made in France means short circuits. It prevents us from putting taxes at the borders and when we consume locally, we know full well that we are participating in the French social model.”

A social model and jobs at stake

Today, approximately 700 companies have the Origine France Garantie label for 3,000 product ranges certified. and requests continue to flow, rejoices Gilles Attaf. There are still sectors where there is still a dearth of French production. “The problem is that when we have lost know-how, it is difficult to get it back on track, so we have problems in certain sectors of activity such as textiles, but we are working on it.”

Our mission is to accelerate the movement and relocate as many companies as possible

To go even further, a France Garantie service was launched and in particular made it possible to certify a mutual insurance company in Blois recently. “The objective is employment, it is to allow consumers to support the French social model which has helped us a lot during this crisis” emphasizes Gilles Attaf, who therefore wants “relocate as many businesses as possible.”

If things are already moving in the right direction, the label’s president believes that public procurement must also set an example, because today it is not sufficiently focused on French territories and industries according to him. He would like the Origine France Garantie label to be a plus for obtaining these public orders.

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