“Our niches are not all taken”: no rush for the opening to all of the anti-Covid vaccination

“Our niches are not all taken”: no rush for the opening to all of the anti-Covid vaccination
“Our niches are not all taken”: no rush for the opening to all of the anti-Covid vaccination

Funny contrast. While France officially opened vaccination to everyone over 18, the center of Livry-Gargan, in Seine-Saint-Denis, where we went on Monday, was running empty. Only nearly 300 injections during the day, while the place, particularly running in, usually runs full (8,000 Pfizer doses passed last week).

In front of the Jacob gymnasium, you can hear the chirping of birds and the “clack” of petanque balls clashing. The consequence of a delivery problem in recent days in Seine-Saint-Denis, but also the symbol of declining demand in the sector. At the national level, the campaign nevertheless continued at a pace similar to previous Mondays (excluding Whit Monday), with 526,861 doses recorded by the Directorate General of Health.

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“At this point, it never happened, it’s incomprehensible, sighs Jeanne Marchand, the referent, in an almost empty center. The Robert-Ballanger pharmacy from whom we place our orders told us on Friday that it was impossible to deliver before Wednesday, so we closed reservations to keep our stocks until that date. Despite this, not all of our slots on the Maiia site for today and tomorrow are taken. It appeals to me, especially since the phone rings, but not continuously. It never happens. “

The choice to use Maiia as a service provider rather than the giant Doctolib, for reasons of “guaranteeing better protection of personal data” is perhaps an additional explanation. Nonetheless, the vaccine machine is not racing when 19 million aged 18 to 49 have not yet received their first dose. On the Doctolib site, statistics have shown a plateau since mid-May, while deliveries will explode in June.

Walk-in vaccination tested this weekend

Guillaume Rozier, the creator of “Quickly my dose”, which refers to the available slots, notes the same phenomenon: “There was a peak in attendance in mid-May, then a drop in the last days of the month. It seems to be going back on Sunday, but I’m waiting for confirmed data. The number of visits to the platform illustrates the interest in vaccination rather than the number of appointments made. “

“With us, we observed a wave last week, with the announcement of the opening to all for this Monday, in chronodoses, completes the referent of Livry-Gargan. We turned down eligible people today, but some told us that they had found in neighboring centers. From now on, all the centers need more visibility on the number of doses received and flexibility on the second dose because, with the holidays, people refuse to be vaccinated because they will no longer be there afterwards. at the back of the national peloton with 22.7% of first-time vaccines, the most motivated have apparently already found their happiness.

“For a few days now, it’s calmer, illustrious Pascale, a nurse pricker. At the beginning, the elderly were really grateful, then we felt more like people who felt that it was due and now we have people who waited, who did not really know. Moreover, we are far from having only young people today. “

Like Monique, 86, who leaves the place, a little lost, after having received her first injection. The grandmother decided late: “I was hesitating, my doctor told me that I might be too old, and the Internet is not really my thing. She first pushed open the door of her pharmacy, before being guided to the center by a benevolent soul.

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Young people can be found, despite everything, at the foot of idle basketball hoops, too. “I had been waiting to be vaccinated for a long time, breathes Hortense, 22 years old. I was looking for a Chronodose, but it was often a bit far. The functionality that made it possible to find the available slots within 24 hours has been disabled on the platforms, since all adults are eligible for all RNA messenger meetings. The student at Sciences-po had to convince her darling, Adrien, who admits: “I do it because I love him. In my family, we are not too much medication. But it’s only fools who don’t change their mind. We made the appointment yesterday, I’m surprised there are so few people. “

When the vials of serum arrive, the lull, if it is confirmed, will allow the referent of the center to take up the pile of files of overdue applicants and to play word of mouth. Vaccination without an appointment, more difficult to manage logistically, will also be tested next weekend, as in other sites in Seine-Saint-Denis. At Livry-Gargan, 1,000 doses will be available this way from Friday evening to Sunday evening, in an attempt to seduce a new audience.

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