End of stalking in Dordogne: with the health crisis, the worrying epidemic of madmen

End of stalking in Dordogne: with the health crisis, the worrying epidemic of madmen
End of stalking in Dordogne: with the health crisis, the worrying epidemic of madmen

1.83 m of nerves, the cut of a soldier on leave, his chin eaten away by a long chestnut beard. Terry Dupin, 29, was arrested on Monday, seriously injured in the throat by a retaliatory shot, after a 36-hour hunt in a Dordogne forest, on the edge of Condat-sur-Vézère. This former soldier converted into a truck driver, convicted four times for domestic violence, had started his crazy drift in the night from Saturday to Sunday, with a new outbreak of hatred at the home of the mother of his three children, and the new one. companion of the latter. Chased by the gendarmes, he had vanished among the foliage, heavily armed and dangerous. Forced.

In mid-May, another face, hairless and youthful, appeared on the screens as the helicopters circled above the chestnut trees of the Cévennes. Valentin Marcone, a 29-year-old father fascinated by firearms, had just killed his boss and an employee of the sawmill where he worked. He was holed up for 83 hours, untraceable, in a hole 600 m from his home, before surrendering to the gendarmes. Forced.

The word, like a blow from a club, knocks on the door of the news at increasingly short intervals. Since the assassination of three gendarmes by Frédérik Limol, this violent husband embedded in a survivalist and paranoid delirium, on December 22, 2020 in Saint-Just (Puy-de-Dôme), business has multiplied. They implicate men alone, armed, furious, according to the composite portrait drawn by the GIGN and the Raid, the two gendarmerie and police services specializing in the management of these acute crises.

The phenomenon is “exponential”, affirms General Ghislain Réty, at the head of the men in black of the “GI”. “We have intervened 27 times for cases of madness since January 1. This is twice as much as last year over the same period. “In the Raid, with 54 referrals for” major disturbances to public order “in 2021, convoys of super-cops do not go out more often, but they are called upon for more serious facts.

“The Covid has put people under pressure, and some of them exploded”

In the evening of Sunday, while hundreds of gendarmes were deployed in the heels of the fugitive from Dordogne, a septuagenarian took refuge in his apartment in the great Paris suburbs, in Emerainville (Seine-et-Marne) after having shot his neighbor and a friend, killed instantly. The former robber, with a long prison past, surrendered after two hours of negotiation. It was the sixth time in five months that the Raid had called a “post-homicide frenzy”. In 2020, the super-cops had identified 5 over the whole year.

VIDEO. Manhunt in Dordogne: the fugitive was injured during his arrest

Under the term “madman”, used by the uniforms, different profiles and pasts unfold. A minority, paranoid or schizophrenic, presents a pathological psychological profile. But all are linked by the same overflow, says a policeman. “A wave of problems that overwhelms them” and ends up causing them to explode, all the more so as the health crisis and its consequences had already broken dikes.

To the deleterious breeding ground of family violence, social isolation, economic precariousness, is added the explosive fuse of the consumption of alcohol and narcotics, which has risen sharply since successive confinements. “Since the fall of 2020, we have seen a colossal increase in requests for care for problems of anxiety, depression, and a clear reactivation of addictive phenomena”, attests the professor of psychiatry Pierre-Michel Llorca, at the head of the FondaMental foundation. “We can think that the health crisis plays a role, confirms General Réty. The Covid has put people under pressure, and some of them exploded. There is a pressure cooker effect. “

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