parents call for calm

parents call for calm
parents call for calm

Several parents of children attending the Dutch-speaking fundamental school Floralia in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert call Monday, through a letter, for calm, respect and dignity following publication in the press of information relating to an investigation about possible sexual abuse in the school.

It is possible that a member of the teaching staff was guilty of such acts with one or more children, but the parents regret that the secrecy of the instruction was not respected and that false information was revealed.

False information

We also regret that the press was informed of the affair, moreover anonymously and partially incorrect, which is likely to harm the investigation and the serenity of the school climate.“, write the parents.”We still regret that a certain press, eager for sensations, relayed false information without bothering to verify it, in particular the fact that the police would have asked the parents all to go and consult their children by a doctor.

Parents also deplore the actions of some people on social networks. “We denounce the fact that some ill-intentioned people take advantage of the situation to try to sow chaos by spreading rumors via social networks, by condemning a priori a professor they designate as guilty, by circulating his photo and his name as well. that his place of life, while the police did not, at any time, reveal the name of a possible suspect.


parents call calm

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