Test – Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection: a nice tribute for the 35 years of the series

To properly celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of its Ghosts’ n Goblins franchise, Capcom is delivering a revival of the series.

Abandoned for years, the Ghosts’ n Goblins series was arguably one of Capcom’s most iconic franchises of the 16-bit console era. The series had tried to get up to date by switching to 3D with the two episodes of the spin-off series Maximo, on PS2, but the mixed success of the second part had ended up burying any chance of seeing the franchise return. one day on our consoles.

For the first time in the history of the series, it is possible to play two-player co-op.

Riding the wave of retrogaming, Capcom however surprised fans by announcing the release of a new episode called Resurrection, which would be released temporarily on Switch before being ported to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The publisher has made the bet yet very risky not to adapt his game to new audiences by delivering a title that is faithful to the extreme to the spirit of the series. Everything in Resurrection betrays the link of kinship with the first parts of the series: the characteristic humor, the cartoony artistic direction, the excessive difficulty even the atmosphere of the levels. And it is precisely from this point of view that fans of the franchise will recognize this Resurrection as a real success.

Capcom’s game identically takes the formula of its ancestors, while introducing some small novelties to make it more accessible for newcomers. Resurrection is a terribly frustratingly difficult old-school Ghosts’ n Goblins, yet it incorporates an easy mode, offering unlimited tries for beginners.

Resurrection is puzzlingly faithful to the original episode.

We won’t hide it from you if you plan to tackle it in “hard” mode, Resurrection can be very frustrating. The title of Capcom takes the formula of the original and modernizes it to perfection by mixing sequences of platforms, combat and boss clashes through an explosive cocktail. It’s Super Mario on amphetamines, with hordes of zombies rushing at you, gigantic dragons swooping down on you and titanic bosses that will crush you without batting an eyelid. Finishing a level with just one life will be almost a miracle. It will not only be necessary to master the very rigid grip – period – of the game but also the particular patterns of the enemies and especially the bosses.

Although a lot of water has flowed under the bridges since the release of the first Ghosts’ n Goblins, the formula remains as pleasant as ever. The sets are certainly relatively linear and we clearly blame him for some less successful passages, but overall, difficult to get bored in Resurrection. Perfectly mastering each level will require up to several dozen attempts. So of course, we are entitled to several tries – in reality, several errors, your character gradually losing different elements of his armor, with each fiasco -, and yes, it is possible to recover an armor during the game, if you have Lucky in the loot, but overall, mastering the controls to perfection is quite a challenge. Because Arthur, the disjointed puppet that you play, is not necessarily very easy to move. The controls remain extremely rigid and the jumps are sorely lacking in precision. That being said, it does contribute to the retro charm of the game.

Some enemies are gigantic.

The whole point of Ghost ‘n Goblins lies in this curious mix of platforms and action. Arthur can fight melee and from a distance by sending spears at the faces of his enemies, or any kind of other weapons that he will recover during the adventure. He can also use spells of all kinds that the player can unlock in a skill tree during the adventure. It’s still a bit clunky, but overall the fights are intense and the adventure really thrilling.

The originality of this episode is of course the addition of a cooperative mode in which the second player will embody the specter of his choice. Three ghosts are available to the second player. Everyone has their own skills. We’re not going to lie to you: the player who plays Arthur will have a better impact than the second player, but the co-op experience is nonetheless a nice addition to the original.

Overall, Ghosts’ n Goblins is therefore rather a great success. Capcom’s game is extremely faithful to the original material, from its realization to its handling, including its difficulty, its humor or its soundtrack, composed of re-orchestrated titles. Aesthetically, the game is very pretty. The graphics engine used works wonders by modernizing a decidedly vintage graphic style. It’s both very simple and deliciously sophisticated. Clearly, you shouldn’t expect a graphic slap, but the game fits brilliantly in the continuity of its ancestors. It should also be noted that certain parts of the game, such as animation, have deliberately kept a very retro style to satisfy the fans. The only real criticism we will make with this Resurrection: content side, it remains a little light. In easy mode, with the unlimited number of lives, you can walk around it in less than 2 hours. Even those who opt for the Hard mode will regret that there isn’t one or two more levels. That being said, the replayability is pretty good. At € 29.99, the bill is nonetheless a little salty for a yet seductive revival.


With Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection, Capcom delivers a vibrant tribute to one of its most cult series. Curious mix of platforming and action, Ghosts’ n Goblins was in his time a kind of supercharged Mario. The formula has not changed with Resurrection, an unprecedented episode which is very faithful to the basic material. In the skin of Sir Arthur, the player will have to face hordes of undead, titanic dragons and various other monstrosities to save his beloved sweetheart. As in the original episode, the slightest misstep is sanctioned by a nice Game Over. The frustrating difficulty of the game remains one of its greatest assets for retrogaming enthusiasts. That being said, Capcom has also thought about the newbies with an easy mode that offers an unlimited number of lives. Resurrection also introduces a very nice co-op mode. While keeping the spirit of its ancestors, this new episode manages to brilliantly modernize a formula of 35 years ago. From its re-orchestrated soundtrack to its splendid graphic realization, Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection is positioned as a vibrant tribute to Capcom’s cult series. If the game is very pleasant to browse, it will however be criticized for a somewhat light lifespan, even in view of its very attractive price (€ 29.99).

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection

Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection

The +:

  • True to the spirit of the series
  • A solid achievement, tinged with nostalgia
  • The difficulty that adapts perfectly to the player
  • The new co-op mode
  • The soundtrack

The – :

  • A fairly light content, considering the price (€ 29.99)
  • Controls still too rigid
  • Some less successful passages
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