the soldier withdrew 3,000 euros before his disappearance

the soldier withdrew 3,000 euros before his disappearance
the soldier withdrew 3,000 euros before his disappearance

Belgium has been desperately looking for Jürgen Conings for two weeks now. The 36-year-old soldier, who disappeared with a real arsenal of war and therefore considered dangerous, gives a hard time to the authorities who do not manage to find his trace. While the search mainly focused in Limburg, where the fugitive is from and where his car was found abandoned with four rocket launchers inside, investigators have still not been able to find Jürgen Conings. .

A situation such that many people wonder if the serviceman has not died. A theory that is not favored by the federal prosecutor who is convinced that Jürgen Conings is still alive. To back up his words, he relies on the fugitive’s bank account. As the VRT tells us, Jürgen Conings withdrew as much money as he could – around 3,000 euros – before disappearing.

The federal prosecutor therefore does not want to relax the attention and remains vigilant in many asylum centers and mosques in Limburg.

Level 3

This Monday, we also learned that OCAM (the Coordinating Body for Threat Analysis) had decided this weekend to raise the alert level from 2 to 3 on several targets.

“There is no reason to panic”

On Sunday, on the set of “It’s not every day on Sunday”, the Minister of the Interior, Annelies Verlinden, also said that she had no indication of a possible death of the far-right soldier Jürgen Conings. “We have no message or idea that he is dead.”

“It is very important that we” do “everything to find him,” said Minister CD&V, recalling that it was a “potentially dangerous fugitive” and that all the intelligence and police services were mobilized for this hunt.

On the Flemish public channel VRT, Annelies Verlinden stressed that the threat posed by Jürgen Conings had not completely disappeared, while the search to find this veteran of several missions abroad (in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq) was continue, mainly in the province of Limburg.

Excavations took place again in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Zutendaal and the army and the police, helped by a helicopter, were again at work on Sunday in Lanklaar.

“There is no reason to panic”, however relativized the minister during the Sunday show De Zevende Dag of the VRT.

About ten people protected

In addition to Marc Van Ranst, a number of other people would benefit from additional protection. This group of people would not include other virologists, but a lawyer. It is not clear what he and others involved have to do with the case, but police fear they may be the target of the fleeing serviceman.

The federal prosecution could not and did not want to confirm the information. “We do not communicate about the safety of people,” spokeswoman Wenke Roggen said.

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