Euro: Eden Hazard and Roberto Martinez evoke the return of Thierry Henry in the staff of the Devils

Roberto Martinez took everyone by surprise by bringing Thierry Henry back to his staff on the eve of the Red Devils rally and yet, it was a decision that was almost obvious for the coach.

In addition to the injury of Kevin De Bruyne, the weekend was marked by the announcement of the return of Thierry Henry in the staff of the Red Devils for the Euro. Roberto Martinez explained this decision at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

“The timing was perfect”

The coach wanted to expand his staff for the Euro. “We worked very well with the staff in place for three years, but a big tournament is very different from what we do during the usual periods. We needed an additional coach and that’s quite naturally. that we turned to Thierry Henry “, explains the Catalan.

Because Thierry Henry already knows the group by heart and has experience of major tournaments. “We know that Thierry is obsessed with details, that he knows everything about the players. He has a unique personality, a winning mentality, the timing was perfect and I think that’s great news for everyone.” , rejoices Roberto Martinez.

Eden Hazard, who was present at a press conference a few minutes before the coach, valid. Even if he does not hide that he did not expect it. “Like everyone else, I think, I was surprised by this announcement,” smiles the captain.

But he welcomes the former world champion with open arms. “I am very happy,” he confirms. “We have already lived two great years with him in the staff. He brings a plus to the team when he is there and I hope that we will be able to play a great tournament together.”

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