NVIDIA announces $ 1199 GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card

So here is a brand new graphics card at NVIDIA, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. A graphics card that is sized for 4K according to NVIDIA. The latter embeds a GA102-225 GPU engraved in 8 nm. The latter offers 10,240 Cuda Cores, 80 RT Cores, 320 Tensor Cores and 112 Rops. The GPU is running 1365 MHz in base and 1665 MHz in boost and should produce a gross power of 34.1 TFLOPs. There are also 12 GB of memory in GDDR6X, on a 384-bit bus and with a frequency of 19 Gbps. Memory bandwidth is 912 GB / sec.

geforce rtx-3080-ti nvidia 1199 dollarsgeforce rtx-3080-ti nvidia 1199 dollars

The rate announced by NVIDIA, for this new graphics card is 1199 dollars for a Founders Edition model.

The prices of the Custom models will be known later.


NVIDIA announces GeForce RTX graphics card

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