“I have suffered from depression since the 2018 US Open”

“I have suffered from depression since the 2018 US Open”
“I have suffered from depression since the 2018 US Open”

Since the curtain rises of the 2021 edition of Roland-Garros, it is undoubtedly the extra-sporting event that is the most talked about: by refusing from the outset to present himself to the press, the Japanese star Naomi Osaka drew criticism from the tennis microcosm and even received a fine from the organization.

Pointed at, the Japanese finally decided to throw in the towel and withdraw from the table. An unprecedented event that Osaka justified on Twitter in the wake: “I never wanted to be a distraction. I know that I did not necessarily choose the best time and that the message I wanted to convey was not the clearest. But more importantly, I never wanted to trivialize the topic of mental health or use it lightly.

The truth is, I have been suffering from depression since the 2018 US Open and I am having a really hard time dealing with it. Anyone who really knows me knows I’m introverted. Anyone who’s ever seen me at a tournament knows that I put on headphones to relieve this social anxiety. Even though journalists have always been kind to me, I still feel a real fear of speaking to the press. So here in Paris, I already felt super nervous and vulnerable, so I preferred to avoid the press. I announced it prematurely because I find the rules are not clear, I just wanted to point the finger at it. I’m going to take some time off the courts and when the timing is right I’ll try to work with the organizations to try to improve things. I’ll see you soon

A touching message of sincerity that somewhat lifts the veil on his actions of the last days.


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