Water, glasses, bicycle allowance …: everything that changes this June 1

Water, glasses, bicycle allowance …: everything that changes this June 1
Water, glasses, bicycle allowance …: everything that changes this June 1

Cevery 1st day of the month, several changes come into effect. Here is what changes from June 1 in Belgium.


More people will be eligible for reimbursement for eyeglass lenses as of June 1. Lenses were reimbursed, regardless of age, from a diopter of 8.25, they will now be from 7.75. For minors and people over 65, this threshold goes from 8 to 7.5. Nearly 23,500 people are potentially affected.


In Wallonia, all buildings for which connection to running water is requested must have a CertIBEau certificate. This document may be issued by approved certifiers and will be mandatory for any new water connection, whether for homes or businesses. Existing buildings may also be subject to a CertIBEau on a voluntary basis. The certifiers will be responsible for verifying several elements such as the connection to the sewers, the points supplied with rainwater or the presence of lead in the installation. The objective is to prevent any health or environmental risk.

Preventive treatment for migraine

The preventive treatment for migraine Aimovig from Novartis will be reimbursed in Belgium for adults suffering from at least eight days of migraine per month and having previously tried at least three prophylactic treatments (preventive, Editor’s note) without success.

The co-payment will be € 12.10 for an ordinary insured patient and € 8.00 for a patient with BIM status (ex-Vipo).

Excluding reimbursement, the monthly cost of the drug will amount to 491.32 euros.

Bicycle allowance for railway workers

This compensation amounts to 0.24 euro per kilometer traveled, with a minimum of 1 km and a maximum of 10 km reimbursed per trip to get to work or to return home.

Rail workers who wish to take advantage of it must register through the Bike to Work app. The Minister of Mobility, Georges Gilkinet, will later examine with his colleagues and the social partners whether the system can be extended to other professional categories.

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The list of reptiles that can be kept as pets in the Brussels-Capital Region will come into force on June 1.

As of June 1, any new buyer in Brussels of a reptile must, if the animal is not among the 422 authorized species listed, apply for approval from Bruxelles Environnement.

Those who already owned an unauthorized reptile before that date can keep it if they can prove that they already had it, whether with proof of purchase, registration of the animal, etc.

The same list of authorized reptiles is already valid in Flanders since October 2019.

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