How is children’s music publishing doing in France?

How is children’s music publishing doing since the pandemic? What are the trends in France? Are bulleted books, which allow you to listen to musical samples, sold? Marjorie Bertin sneaked into “Jeux Lis-Là” in Paris.

It’s a tiny bookstore with a sky-blue storefront, in the heart of the very quiet 7th arrondissement of Paris. You can find everything there, including record books and audio chip books. World music, musicals, classics, there is something for everyone. That day there is a 4-year-old granddaughter, who listened to her music books a lot while in confinement. For his mom Charlotte, it was urgent to come and look for new ones. ” I have a bulimia of bookstores since confinement! After about 12 hours of Pierre and the Wolf, and Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, we wanted new things! It’s certain ! »

Like many parents, Charlotte still spends a lot of time at home. And audiobooks are a great tool. ” What I like are the books with the bullet points. I find it very nice, she has a Peter and the Wolf like that. What is good is that she can do it independently. When you have a record, it’s more attention, it’s longer, and less spontaneous for her than going to pick up a little smart book from her library. »

A change in uses

For Aude Marzin, one of the two booksellers from Read It Games, sales have not changed since the pandemic. And it sells about as many record books – especially classical ones – as it does audiobooks. But she observed a change in uses. ” Apparently the book was greatly missed during the lockdown. And it remains a kind of small trauma for our clients. On CD books, we noticed that there were also a lot of requests, a lot of research on this kind of content, to vary the media and the content a little bit as well. The Didier Jeunesse editions put the content of some of their discs for legal download on Spotify, Apple Music, all these download platforms. And so all of a sudden they discovered the contents and afterwards they came to look for the books. They did the job a little bit backwards! (Laughs) »

Divert children from screens

Listening online has an impact on Didier Youth. According to their founder, Michele Moreau, the sales of record books have fallen sharply. But she observes that a new trend is emerging. ” There is a whole movement that is materializing more and more about the fact that children must be diverted from screens. Getting them to focus around a musical sound material or a read story is becoming more and more important in the eyes of parents and educators. We can feel it very clearly. It’s the wave of podcasts, replay, control of what we listen to …»

Although uncertain about the future of the book-record in the face of digital, Michèle Moreau remains confident. Certain that the return to the classes and the squares will notably allow that of the rhymes, which accompany the collective games. And maybe there will also be a great demand for new things from artists.


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