Did the worker want to assassinate his boss in Welkenraedt?

Did the worker want to assassinate his boss in Welkenraedt?
Did the worker want to assassinate his boss in Welkenraedt?

Posted on Monday, May 31, 2021 at 12:10 p.m.

Through Luc Brunclair

Did a 20-year-old worker of Albanian origin want to kill his boss in a company in Welkenraedt? It was the debate opened in the criminal court where he was accused of attempted murder and where he risked 5 years in prison.

Between him and his leader, by whom he said he was harassed and humiliated, the current did not flow, reprimands and arguments being frequent. Until April 10, 2020, when after another verbal altercation, on leaving work, the worker asks for explanations from his boss, who agrees to follow him to the parking lot of the Welkenraedt station. And it is there that, two witnesses will attest, the young man rushes towards the man still seated at his wheel, and hits him twice with a kitchen knife, on the arm and on the leg.

For the prosecution and the civil party, the assassination attempt was obvious. The young Albanian had ruminated over the morning scene, returned home at noon time to get a knife, and lured the chief into a trap. But he defended himself from any homicidal intention. The knife was in his car, and he had taken it with him because he had seen in his boss’s eyes the intention to do battle. The public prosecutor had called for 5 years in prison.

But in defense, it was the act of an immature kid that completely derailed, him who is generally described as a nice boy, polite, respectful, calm and well behaved. It was after the accumulation of badly managed feelings that he exploded. He did not aim and hit any vital organ, and stopped his action on his own. Homicidal intent is not proven, much less premeditation.

An argument followed by the court, which disqualified the prevention of attempted assassination with intentional assault and battery, for which he sentenced him to 30 months in prison with probationary suspension for the remainder of the preventive detention


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