the big clash between Sarah and Paul Pairet causes a huge turnaround! (videos)

the big clash between Sarah and Paul Pairet causes a huge turnaround! (videos)
the big clash between Sarah and Paul Pairet causes a huge turnaround! (videos)

As every week, Ciné-Télé-Revue offers you a recap of the most significant moments of this twelfth season of ” Top chef “.

Sarah: “It makes me shy **! ”

Semi-final, episode 1. For this crucial step of the adventure, the candidates must, in turn, impose a personal challenge on the other cooks… while also participating in it. If the leader at the origin of the challenge wins his test, he receives no points and prevents his competitors from winning one. On the other hand, if one of his opponents manages to overtake him, he pockets this much hoped for bonus point.

The first to have launched his challenge was Mohamed. The little protégé of Hélène Darroze had asked the candidates to reproduce the recipe that put him the most in difficulty in his career: the stuffed macaroni. A relatively simple dish on paper, but which requires ultra-complex technical mastery. The bet was to make two layers of macaroni, with two sauces minimum. All in two hours.

The technicality of this ordeal immediately worried Sarah, having never worked in her life in a starred restaurant. “It makes me chi **!” “, she immediately announced to her head of brigade, Paul Pairet. Demotivated, the young Nantes woman was clearly not ready to fight to win the first point of this semi-final. What annoy his mentor. ” My patience has limits. There, it will not do it ”, he retorted, leaving her all alone in the panade. A clash that obviously bothered Hélène Darroze, Sarah’s former coach. Fortunately, the sweet words of her mother of “Top Chef” and the unexpected return of Paul Pairet at her side boosted her to defeat these damn macaroni. And there he had a brilliant idea: stuffing a large cannelloni with macaroni, themselves stuffed with mushrooms and spinach! A sort of “abyss” of the initial theme …

Verdict: his poker move paid off. The judges, Michel Sarran (devoid of candidates) and Christophe Bacquié (elected Meilleur Ouvrier de France thanks to his stuffed macaroni), were captivated by his “spring and vegetable” plate and rewarded his desire to break the codes. Stuffing, sauces, cooking: everything was perfectly mastered. Sarah was thus offered the first point of this semi-final, topping the post Mohamed, the inventor of the event. Which seemed far too confident in the face of the risks he had decided to take. His recipe required a lot of precision in the cooking and accuracy in the flavors. Despite these difficulties and a cut made at the last minute, the young Parisian was able to impress the judges… but not enough to beat Sarah. Ditto for Matthias, third in the event, when he claimed to be champion of macaroni after spending six months making it with Chef Moret.

One everywhere, ball in the center

The second ordeal imposed was that of Sarah, who asked her opponents to design, in an hour and a half, a dessert based on four improbable and strong tasting ingredients: a marrow bone, sea urchins, citrus fruits and pollen. ! Michel Sarran and Romain Meder (chef known for his dishes with explosive associations) particularly appreciated the creation of Mohamed, first of this challenge, with his bone marrow crumble and his creamy pollen, accompanied by a sea urchin caramel , a lemon-white chocolate ganache and a clementine condiment. The silver medal went to Matthias, and that of bronze, to Sarah, who unfortunately failed on her own test. It thus enabled its competitors to win one point each. At this stage, the three semi-finalists are therefore tied.

Next week…

Everything will be played on the test of Matthias, who will ask Sarah and Mohamed to work a mystery product from A to Z. To hope to participate in the final, the little protégé of Philippe Etchebest will absolutely have to block the way of his opponents and prevent them. to win an extra point.

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