Jean-Richard Sulzer alerts Marine Le Pen against RN candidates with a “sulphurous” past

Jean-Richard Sulzer alerts Marine Le Pen against RN candidates with a “sulphurous” past
Jean-Richard Sulzer alerts Marine Le Pen against RN candidates with a “sulphurous” past


Marine Le Pen and Jean-Richard Sulzer on May 1, 2012 during the commemoration of the 600th anniversary of Joan of Arc.

POLITICS – Marine Le Pen has clearly not finished demonizing her party. Jean-Richard Sulzer, a former economic advisor to the president of the RN, who says he animates within the party itself a movement representing activists of the Jewish faith, initially called the “Rassemblement national juif” and renamed “Cercle national juif France-Israël” , warns against the presence in regional and departmental elections of candidates with a “sulphurous” past.

“My co-religionists, who adore you moreover, will never vote for them: you risk finding mixed ballots”, warns, in an email to Marine Le Pen dated May 5 that theAFP procured – confirming information from the JDD– Jean-Richard Sulzer, outgoing regional councilor in Hauts-de-France, who this time presents himself to the departmental in Hauts-de-Seine.

The RN ensures for its part that Jean-Richard Sulzer is the “only” member of his association which had eight participants at its last meeting according to the person concerned. Jean-Richard Sulzer “speaks only of himself and brings no argument”, adds the party.

“Harmful pitting”

The former adviser to Marine Le Pen nevertheless cites the names of the head of the list in Brittany and patron of the federations of the Gilles Pennelle party, former activist of the neopagan racialist group Terre et Peuple, of the outgoing regional councilor in Île-de-France Axel Loustau (who was not ultimately invested as a candidate, according to the RN contacted on Monday by AFP), Philippe Eymery, president of the RN group in Hauts-de-France, close to Lille identities, or Philippe Vardon, campaign director of the head of the list in Paca Thierry Mariani, former member of Radical Unit and Identity (as shown in the video below of the Huffpost).

Asked about Philippe Vardon’s past, Thierry Mariani said on France Blue that the latter had “evolved”. “When you’re young, you have the right to have firm, assertive ideas. I find it rather nicer than people who brutalize themselves on their tablets at games at times of no real interest ”, he added.

When Marine Le Pen forgets Philippe Vardon’s “very radical” past

“It is clear that all these characters, often long-standing members, have been put forward very much despite a somewhat sulphurous past (writings, videos, tweets, posts, condemnations (…)”, adds the regional councilor of Hauts -de-France in his email to the head of the RN.

These candidates “no longer need to be supported by the RN,” he told theAFP Jean-Richard Sulzer, who confirms the existence of this email and denounces a “harmful infiltration”. In the Jerusalem Post at the beginning of April, he called for “the withdrawal of the neo-Nazis from the lists” in these polls.

The former economic adviser to Marine Le Pen also claims to have “gradually seen the investiture commission oust all people who were of Jewish origin” and “let genuine anti-Semites rise in rank”. “There is even someone who had the nerve to tell us: if there are anti-Semites, you just have to leave the RN”, moved the former parliamentary assistant to the former. deputy Gilbert Collard, who accuses Ms. Le Pen of “not paying enough attention” to the candidacies.

With the approach of regional and departmental elections, the nomination of certain candidates continues to stir up a stir within their own party. On the other side of the political spectrum, a running mate of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem had been ousted after old anti-cop comments.

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JeanRichard Sulzer alerts Marine Pen candidates sulphurous

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