[Made in France] Here is the map of the 310 industrial sites and laboratories dedicated to plant chemistry

L’Usine Nouvelle – What does plant chemistry represent in France today?

Francois Monnet – It is an already present and developing sector, which extends from upstream, and therefore from plant resources to be transformed, to consumers. It is a supply chain for materials and materials which are then formulated into products in a multitude of sectors. In France, plant chemistry represents around 10 billion euros in turnover, which represents 10 to 12% of chemical production in France, hence a significant number of jobs. We are talking about 165,000 direct and indirect jobs in the global sector. This industry complements the usual uses of plants, whether food and construction. In our scope, we do not include biofuels or products without material transformation, such as lumber.


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France map industrial sites laboratories dedicated plant chemistry

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