The hydrogen plane takes off in Ile-de-France

The hydrogen plane takes off in Ile-de-France
The hydrogen plane takes off in Ile-de-France
Launched last February, the call for expressions of interest (AMI) called “H2 HUB AIRPORT” has just selected eleven projects aimed at developing an airport hydrogen sector in Ile-de-France.

If it will take a few more years before seeing hydrogen planes flying in the Parisian sky, the ecosystem is preparing. Launched on February 11 at the initiative of the Ile-de-France region, Choose Paris Region, Groupe ADP, Air France-KLM and Airbus, the call for expressions of interest (AMI) H2 HUB AIRPORT wishes to prepare the arrival by 2035 of the first hydrogen planes. Of the 124 applications received, 11 were selected.

« The 11 winning projects are essential building blocks in the construction and development of the hydrogen value chain in airports (…) some projects are in the R&D phase while others, more advanced, could be the subject of demonstrations or commissioning in the medium term. The objective is to contribute to the emergence of long-term solutions that are economically viable, and to be able to carry out the first on-site experiments from 2023. »Explains the joint press release distributed by the various partners.

In practice, these eleven projects have been divided into three broad, very complementary themes:

  • Upstream of the value chain: production, storage, transport and distribution of hydrogen (gaseous and liquid) in an airport environment;
  • Downstream of the value chain: diversification of the uses and services of hydrogen in airports and aeronautics (ground-handling vehicles and equipment, rail transport at airports, energy supply to buildings or airplanes during ground-handling operations, etc.);
  • The circular economy around hydrogen (recovery of the hydrogen dissipated during refueling with liquid hydrogen, upgrading of a by-product and of a reaction in order to produce carbon-free hydrogen, etc.).

“The success of this call for expressions of interest testifies to the growing interest in hydrogen-related technologies. With all of our partners, we are now laying the foundations for an ecosystem that will make possible the gradual integration of this clean and sustainable energy vector at Paris airports, to eventually transform them into real hydrogen hubs. Our ambition is also to allow the development of new uses around land mobility, airside and city side ” said Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris SA-Groupe ADP.

H2 HUB AIRPORT: the 11 winning projects

Production, storage and distribution of hydrogen

  • Air Liquide Advanced Technologies (France): development of a high performance liquid hydrogen refueling truck;
  • Ecodrome (France): this consortium offers multi-service supply solutions (hydrogen and electricity) that can serve the uses of general aviation aerodromes;
  • Geostock (France): solutions for storing hydrogen in very large quantities in lined mined cavities;
  • Hylandair (France): made up of 4 manufacturers, this consortium proposes the development of a hydrogen ecosystem for uses on the city side (in mobility – trucks, buses, dumpsters, energy supply for buildings) and on the airside (passenger shuttles , ground vehicles for ground handling) ;
  • Sakowin (France): production of hydrogen from methane, using a low-energy plasma process;
  • Universal Hydrogen (United States): of Californian origin, this startup aims to convert regional aircraft to hydrogen using modular liquid hydrogen capsules on board the aircraft.

Diversification of uses

  • Hydrogen for Airport Handling (France, Germany): this consortium bringing together 6 partners, this consortium wishes to design runway vehicles (airplane tractor, loader, baggage tractor, generator) running on hydrogen;
  • Use-In H2 (France): bringing together 3 public partners, this consortium supports hydrogen deployment projects by proposing a risk analysis and recommendations in terms of safety and security;
  • Plug Power (United States): a company specializing in fuel cell systems already associated with Renault, Plug Power develops and markets runway equipment for ground handling.

Circular economy

  • Absolut System (France): optimization of the quantity of hydrogen produced and stored, in particular through systems for recovering dissipated hydrogen and mobile refrigeration;
  • Ways2H (United States): local production of hydrogen from waste reprocessing, including organic and plastic.


hydrogen plane takes IledeFrance

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