A server not for the data center: Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450

With the ThinkEdge SE450, Lenovo is launching a new server that is supposed to do its work away from the central data center. The 2U housing can not only be accommodated in the rack, but also explicitly hung on the wall or on a shelf. Furthermore, the system is designed for constant operation with an ambient temperature of 5 to 45 degrees and can withstand -5 to 55 degrees Celsius for up to 96 hours. Dust, bumps and vibrations shouldn’t harm the computer either.

In addition to an Intel processor of the third Xeon SP generation (Ice Lake SP with 10 nanometer technology), up to four accelerator cards can be used in the server: The system is certified for GPUs from Nvidia. There are four PCIe 4.0 slots available for A100 GPUs, for example, plus OCP 3.0 for LAN adapters. The main memory is located in ten DDR4 slots, whereby a maximum of eight 128 GB modules can be installed for a total of 1 TB main memory – they are optionally supported by two Intel Optane modules.

In the case of mass storage, up to six 2.5 “hard drives or up to six PCIe SSDs can be used. The operating system can also be accommodated on two M.2 cards that are configured in a RAID 1. For the latter, a software RAID is responsible, an expansion card with or without a cache can optionally be added. The power supply unit is always redundant.

RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows as well as VMware ESXi can be installed as operating systems. Lenovo’s XClarity controller is responsible for managing the server, plus Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) for Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift and VMware Cloud Foundation. All information can be found in the datasheet of the ThinkEdge SE450. The manufacturer does not specify unit prices for the server.

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