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Eschweiler – “He loved the deserted places and the history of these places,” writes a friend on Facebook. “We were out almost every day to explore them, to leave everyday life behind. When he didn’t answer for one day, we went looking, we found his car. “

On Sunday afternoon, a witness reported the discovery of a body on the abandoned premises of ESW-Röhrenwerke GmbH in Eschweiler, which was closed in March 2020. It was Michael B. (43) from Kamen.

“Lost Places” photographer Michael B. (43) from Kamen

Photo: Private

“As far as we know today, the man climbed onto a roof of the disused production hall on Saturday and collapsed,” said Andreas Müller, spokesman for the Aachen police. “So far we assume that the man died from the fall and the impact.”

Although there is no evidence of third-party negligence, the public prosecutor has ordered an autopsy.

According to BILD information, the victim had his camera around his neck in the fall. The police also assume that the dead man was a “Lost Places hunter” and that he climbed onto the hall in search of unusual photo motifs.

Teaser picture

The production facilities have been closed for almost two years

Photo: Christian Knieps

As a rule, the photo hunters visit such “lost places” at least two or three people. If something happens, the others can get help.

Why Michael B. was traveling alone this time is unclear.


NRW Lost Places photographer Michael died camera neck Regional

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