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Status: 04.12.2021 07:50 a.m.

The Hamburg police arrested one of the most wanted people in Europe. And that in an apartment in Hohenfelde.

“La Diabla” – the devil was high on Europol’s wanted list. The 34-year-old trans woman from Venezuela is said to be the head of a human trafficking ring, according to the Spanish police. Now she was caught by Hamburg civil investigators in an apartment on Graumannsweg in Hamburg-Hohenfelde.

Human trafficking and money laundering

In addition to human trafficking, the Spanish authorities also accuse her of money laundering and the formation of a criminal organization. She is also said to have smuggled people to Spain via Germany. There the victims were supposed to pay off their debts through prostitution.

Extradition to Spain

Because there was evidence that the 34-year-old was in Hamburg, the public prosecutor was able to obtain a search warrant – the officers then attacked late Wednesday evening. “La Diabla” is now being delivered to the Spanish authorities. The Hamburg police had reported the arrest of a 34-year-old man from Venezuela on Friday and did not provide any details about his identity.

AUDIO: “La Diabla”: Arrest in Hamburg-Hohenfelde (1 min)

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