A shell in the rectum: surgeon or deminer

A shell in the rectum: surgeon or deminer
A shell in the rectum: surgeon or deminer

A British hospital experienced a commotion this week when a patient presented to the emergency room with a WWII shell in the rectum, with rescue workers fearing the charge could explode.

As a precaution, police and army deminers went to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in the west of England on Wednesday. But even before their arrival, the doctors had taken the lead and removed the projectile from the unfortunate’s seat.

“The object was removed before the police arrived, and the demining service was contacted. They went to the scene and confirmed that it was not loaded and therefore presented no danger to the man. public, “police said in a statement.

Cited by the tabloid The Sun, the first to report this incredible mishap, a source at Defense described the anti-tank shell as a large pointed piece of lead, 17 cm by 6 cm.

According to the Sun, the unnamed patient told doctors “slipping and falling” on the artillery shell. The incident allegedly occurred while the civilian was cleaning his collection of military objects.

The British army and the hospital have confirmed the dispatch of deminers on the spot.

“As with any incident involving ammunition, relevant safety protocols were followed to ensure that there was, at no time, a risk to patients, staff or visitors,” a spokesperson said. of the establishment.

The Sun said the patient was released from the hospital to continue his recovery.

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