Asteroid 1994 WR12: 210-meter-chunk sets course for earth TODAY

Asteroid 1994 WR12: 210-meter-chunk sets course for earth TODAY
Asteroid 1994 WR12: 210-meter-chunk sets course for earth TODAY

Gigantic asteroids regularly set course for Earth. Most of these encounters are harmless. On this Monday, however, the 210-meter-long asteroid 1994 WR12 comes close to the earth and could cause massive damage. That’s what NASA says.

An asteroid will come dangerously close to Earth on November 29, 2021.
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The asteroid crossing Earth’s orbit is far from unusual. In fact, this happens regularly and in most cases it is completely harmless to mankind, since the space giants usually pass our planet at a considerable distance, but there are also those specimens that come ominously close to Earth. The space agency keeps this Nasa as a precautionary measure. After all, one of these giants could deviate from its trajectory and collide with the earth.

Asteroid 1994 WR12 today on 11/29/2021 near earth

One of these space chunks is the 1994 WR12 asteroid. This Monday, November 29th, 2021, it will come dangerously close to the earth. The colossus has a size between 92 and 210 meters and is therefore larger in places than Big Ben in London, which measures 96 meters. If it hit the earth, it would cause massive damage. But the end of the world does not threaten us on November 29, 2021 either.

Asteroid1994 WR12 passes Earth 6.1 million kilometers away

Keeps the Asteroid In 1994 WR12 on its course, it passes our planet at a distance of 6.1 million kilometers. But if it hit the earth, its explosive power would correspond to that of 77 megatons of TNT, according to “Mirror”. This is 1.5 times more powerful than the largest nuclear weapon ever tested.

Asteroid 1994 WR12 has been under NASA observation since 1994

The astronomer Carolyn S. Shoemaker discovered the asteroid 1994 WR12 at the Palomar Observatory on November 28, 1994. The earth has not seen an asteroid of apocalyptic proportions since the space giant that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Most of the asteroids that orbit Earth do not even come in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere.

Nasa is currently observing around 2,000 asteroids

Nevertheless, the NASA team is currently tracking around 2,000 asteroids, comets and other objects that could come close to Earth. The space agency is currently working on a pilot project to avoid future asteroid collisions. Using a high-performance cannon that is shot at an approaching asteroid, its trajectory is to be changed and mankind to be saved.

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Asteroid WR12 #210meterchunk sets earth TODAY

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