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Covid-No Committee: Website hacked, complaint filed

Covid-No Committee: Website hacked, complaint filed
Covid-No Committee: Website hacked, complaint filed


Covid law: website hacked and filled with yes slogans – no committee files criminal charges against unknown persons

The voting campaign on the Covid law is spiteful. The No Committee has filed criminal charges against unknown persons for hacking their website. Proponents meanwhile report numerous threats. SP Co-President Cédric Wermuth speaks of the “most blatant voting battle” of his career.

Torn: a poster of the opponents of the Covid law.


Did the no-camp change sides shortly before the vote on Sunday? If you clicked on the website of the No Committee to the Covid Act on Wednesday evening, you could get this impression. Suddenly new animations appeared, in which a yes was whistled. Even compulsory vaccinations were required for all. The solution to the riddle: the website has been hacked. “With a lot of effort”, as co-campaign manager Sandro Meier says. All text elements have been exchanged, says the board member of the action-critical Friends of the Constitution. Modifying someone else’s website is criminal and reprehensible.

The No Committee will file criminal charges against unknown persons. The website has only had no arguments again since Thursday lunchtime. After the No Committee noticed the manipulation on Wednesday evening, they immediately took the campaign website offline.

The No Committee then wrote in a press release that “criminal action advocates” had repeatedly paralyzed the website on which the No Committee was calling for a petition for “fairness in the voting book”. Almost 65,000 people have currently signed the online petition. According to the No Committee, two criminal proceedings are already underway against those in favor of measures who were caught red-handed when they destroyed No posters. The daily hate speech against the civil rights movement is unbearable. Michael Esfeld, professor of philosophy at the University of Lausanne, even received death threats after he spoke against the corona measures in a newspaper interview.

However, the advocates of the law also report before morality is brutalized. SP Co-President Cédric Wermuth tweeted: “Threats of violence against supporters of the Covid Act have reached unprecedented proportions. Intimidation is used to ensure that a reasonable majority stays away from the vote. ” That is unacceptable.

He spoke to the “Blick” about the most blatant voting campaign of his career: “We have government councilors, but also national exponents who no longer want to expect themselves and their families to appear in public.” The Valais SP State Councilor Mathias Reynard (34) told radio and television in western Switzerland: “I have received death threats just because I have given the hospital’s official numbers.”

The SRG Corona Monitor also shows that the Corona issue is very polarizing. According to the latest survey, 39 percent of the population fear social conflicts as a result of the pandemic. The Swiss non-profit society responded on Saturday with an appeal against the division of society on the irritated climate. She launched a nationwide campaign for cohesion in social media and in advertisements. The SGG called for a return to dialogue and a respectful culture of discussion.


CovidNo Committee Website hacked complaint filed

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