Rain, snow, sleet, stormy winds … winter weather everywhere in France this weekend

Rain, snow, sleet, stormy winds … winter weather everywhere in France this weekend
Rain, snow, sleet, stormy winds … winter weather everywhere in France this weekend

FORECAST – This last weekend of November will plunge us into winter with a flow directed to the northern sector, bringing cold and humidity in the form of sleet or snow to the plains. The wind will also be there, reinforcing the winter feeling… Quite a program!

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With the high pressure unit retreating over the Atlantic and a depression plunging from the North Sea towards France, conditions are set to be wintry with a further drop in temperatures and precipitation occurring everywhere. Due to the mass of air that will cool, they will appear in liquid form but also solid with showers of rain and mixed snow, sleet, or even snow alone. All the massifs will also receive significant amounts of powder, which bodes well two weeks before the opening of most of the winter sports resorts.

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Snowfall to the plains in the north and east

The rainy disturbance arrived by the Channel on Friday will cross the country during the following night to establish itself on the eastern flank on Saturday morning. With the new arrival of cold air, the rains will turn to snow as far as the plain between Burgundy and the north-eastern quarter with a thin layer on the ground to wait. It will also snow on all reliefs from 500 meters and occasionally into the valleys. At the rear and therefore over the western two-thirds of the country, a lagging sky will set in with showers in the form of rain, rain and mixed snow or sleet. Flakes alone are not excluded in the heaviest showers or on the first heights such as the Breton or Norman hills, locally and very occasionally whitening the soils. The Gulf of Lion will remain away from this turbulent weather with a clear sky.

On Sunday, the risk of showers will continue from the north of the Seine to the central regions and to the eastern borders. There again, they will occur in the form of snow as far as the plains of the northeast in Burgundy, while the flakes will fall in quantity at very low altitude on the Jura and the north of the Alps. The Mediterranean basin, except Corsica, and the Atlantic regions will benefit from milder conditions with beautiful sunny spells on the program.

Frigid north wind and winter temperatures

In addition to the expected chaotic sky, the wind is also promising to be very present this weekend. Stormy gusts are even expected on Saturday in the English Channel with a northerly wind reaching 100 to 120 km / h on the coast and 80 to 90 km / h in the interior of the coastal departments. It will thus be responsible for a strong swell between Finistère and Cotentin. Elsewhere, good gusts are also expected, especially in a large western half and in the Mediterranean, of the order of 70 to 80 km / h. Under these conditions, the feeling of cold will be reinforced with temperatures felt in the order of -8 to -4 on Saturday in the event of exposure to this northerly wind.

Under shelter, values ​​will also be trending down with the increase in morning frosts from the southwest to the northeast. The minimums will most often range between -3 and 0 ° C while they will be positive in the north-west and on the coast of the Big Blue. During the day, the highs will have a hard time progressing, remaining close to 0 ° C in the east and varying from 3 to 6 ° C in the other regions. At the beginning of next week, the flow will switch to the northwest with a new significant increase in mercury and snowfall then limited to the reliefs.

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