Greens throw traffic lights into chaos with Zoff

Greens throw traffic lights into chaos with Zoff
Greens throw traffic lights into chaos with Zoff

Annalena Baerbock (l.) Puts her heads together with Anton Hofreiter (r.).

The nomination of the Green Ministers in the future traffic light government has been delayed. As originally expected, the names were not initially mentioned at the Bund-Länder-Forum, which began in Berlin on Thursday.

Due to ongoing staff discussions, the Greens’ strike vote on the party’s coalition agreement and government team has been delayed by one day. “You have to wait a bit,” said Greens boss Robert Habeck on Thursday in Berlin at the so-called Bund-Länder-Forum. At the event, the party leadership and negotiators wanted to advertise the coalition agreement negotiated with the SPD and FDP, on which the 125,000 party members are now to vote – contrary to what was planned, not on Thursday, but on Friday.

You are in your hair

The event in Berlin’s Westhafen, where the traffic light parties had presented their coalition agreement the day before, was supposed to give the go-ahead for the ten-day ballot. But the personnel sheet, especially for filling green cabinet posts, was not ready in time. Because of staff quarrels, it should not be tied down until the Thursday evening after the event.

It can be heard that the left wing and Realos, who have so far been largely united under party leaders Habeck and Annalena Baerbock, are at odds. Because the long-awaited role as the ruling party brings a problem that the Greens have not faced for many years: the division of a manageable cake between government offices.

The Foreign Office is to be occupied by the Greens, the new Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, the Family Ministry, the Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection and the Agriculture Department, plus the State Minister for Culture and Media. Now the Greens, who like to support the state, are stumbling into their new role as the ruling party.

Court rider against Özdemir

The left wing is resisting the planned occupation of a ministerial office with the realo Cem Özdemir, which could ultimately cost the left parliamentary group leader Anton Hofreiter the hoped-for ministerial office. It was long considered certain that Hofreiter would move into the cabinet. But now that is in question.

Traditionally, the Greens have to agree at least two more or less binding quotas: the balance of both wings and equal representation of women and men. It is therefore difficult to imagine that Hofreiter and Özdemir will both move into the cabinet. Then out of five ministerial posts, at least three would be occupied by men – difficult to imagine in a party where the priority for women is so deeply anchored in the statutes. Baerbock and Habeck are both real. So it would presumably need left-wing women.

Corona pandemic has the country under control

Hofreiter himself did not show anything in his speech on Thursday. As usual, he campaigned passionately for more ambitious environmental and climate protection – perhaps this focus on the life issue of the studied biologist from Bavaria was accompanied by a bit of defiant determination. Hofreiter warned of species extinction as the “second major ecological crisis”. “Some think it’s just about a couple of tadpoles, a couple of butterflies. No, it’s about the basics of our own life, ”emphasized Hofreiter. It should be approached with the same determination as the climate crisis. The coalition agreement lays the foundations for this.

Habeck said in his speech on the mood at the end of the traffic light coalition negotiations: “Euphoria, happiness, enthusiasm, I have not noticed that anywhere.” The corona pandemic has the country under control, the situation is dramatic. “We may start this government in the worst health crisis Germany has ever had.” Habeck spoke of “the courage to set out and a combative mood”. He meant the pandemic. (SDA)


Greens throw traffic lights chaos Zoff

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