Covid-19: according to an English study, vaccination does not change anything for pregnant women

Covid-19: according to an English study, vaccination does not change anything for pregnant women
Covid-19: according to an English study, vaccination does not change anything for pregnant women

DANGERS – According to an English study published on Thursday, pregnant women have as many risks of stillbirth (death in utero or during labor) or of giving birth to a premature baby whether they are vaccinated or not.

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Pregnant women face the dilemma of vaccination. While in France, they are already authorized to receive the two injections of the virus against the Covid-19, many still hesitate before taking the plunge. But this Thursday, a new study from the British Health Security Agency (UKHSA), in the United Kingdom, intends to sweep these fears: the vaccination would be very safe for them.

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Covid-19: the challenge of vaccination

Few data exist concerning pregnant women, the latter themselves being excluded during the clinical trials which ultimately led to the approval of the messenger RNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech. To arrive at this result, the English scientists then calculated. During the 8-month period between January and August 2021, 355,299 women gave birth, of which 24,759 had received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine before giving birth. In the batch, no fully vaccinated pregnant women were admitted to attentive care due to the coronavirus.

Similar risks between vaccinated and unvaccinated

According to the study, published in The Guardian, the risks – very low – are the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated women. In detail, the stillbirth rate observed in the former was about 3.35 per 1000, when it is 3.60 per 1000 in the latter. During the same period, the proportion of vaccinated women giving birth to low birth weight babies (5.28%) was similar to the proportion of unvaccinated women (5.36%). Same observation for premature births: the rate was 6.51% for those doubly “pricked” and 5.99% for unvaccinated.

Nevertheless, points out the study, those who received the two doses remain “much more protected against serious forms of Covid-19 than those which are not”, explain the scientists.

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These data in Britain support other studies around the world that say vaccines can be given safely at any stage of pregnancy. In France, the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF) and the Research Group on Infections During Pregnancy (Grig) also want these women ready to give birth to be part of the recall campaign, which does not is not yet the case.

For Dr Mary Ramsay, UKHSA Immunization Officer, “Every pregnant woman who has not yet been vaccinated should feel confident to go for the vaccine, and that this will help prevent the serious consequences of catching Covid-19 during pregnancy.”

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