Austria again with more than 600 intensive care patients «

The corona situation is worsening in Austria. On Thursday, the number of corona patients in intensive care units rose to 619. That was 42 more than on Wednesday. The last time there were so many intensive care patients in Austria was more than 7 months ago. The record was reached exactly one year ago with 709 intensive care patients. A total of 3,246 corona patients are currently in hospitals.

4:05 p.m., November 25, 2021


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53 people died from or with the virus within one day. The number of new infections was 13,592. However, this is below the average of the 7-day incidence of the past week, in which 13,918 cases were added daily. There are currently 152,483 active corona cases in Austria.

Explanation: 7-day incidence

The 7 day incidence is a number. The number says how many people out of a total of 100,000 people have contracted the corona virus in the past 7 days. The higher the number, the more people have become infected. The incidence makes it easier to compare different areas in Austria with one another.


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