Nursing staff in EMS – “The shortage is reaching unprecedented proportions”

“The shortage is reaching unprecedented proportions”

While the absenteeism rate in institutions is at its highest, staff reserves are empty. HévivA, the umbrella organization of Vaud medico-psycho-social institutions, fears a critical winter.

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The problem is not new, but it has been exacerbated by the pandemic. The medico-social establishments (EMS) and the medicalized psychosocial establishments (EPSM) in Vaud are facing a significant staff shortage.

«Winter is always a complicated season but, this year, concerns are particularly acute, ”reports François Sénéchaud, secretary general of the umbrella organization HévivA. Faced with the scale of the phenomenon, some institutions would be forced to leave empty beds. Explanations.

Are you sounding the alarm bells to shield Sunday’s nursing vote?

We have heard a lot about the condition of caregivers in hospitals, and rightly so, but there are also major problems in nursing homes. I am intervening in the context of the vote, it is true, but above all because we are facing a staff shortage of unprecedented proportions.


Nursing staff EMS shortage reaching unprecedented proportions

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