She turtles strangers, he raves

She turtles strangers, he raves
She turtles strangers, he raves

Melanie Müller could only just be seen at the side of another man. Your marriage seems to be over. Does her husband see it the same way? At the same time, he congratulates Müller on the wedding.

Viewers of “Celebrity Big Brother” know how much Melanie Müller suffered from her marital crisis. The otherwise so resolute TV star appeared vulnerable for the first time in the reality show and burst into tears in front of the camera. Their marriage had suffered considerable damage, probably also because Müller always put her work first. But the 33-year-old wanted to change. She promised to make an effort.

Now Müller recently stated in the “Bild” interview: “Before and during ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, Mike and I had our problems. Afterwards I tried everything to save the marriage.” But she did not succeed, husband Mike Blümer wanted to keep his distance. She was alone a lot in the past, and that pushed her to her emotional limits. Meanwhile she finds comfort in a good friend, with whom she showed herself holding hands in Berlin.

Melanie Müller: Your husband raves

And what about husband Mike Blümer? He is now raving about his marriage to Müller on Instagram and publicly makes a declaration of love for his wife. First he congratulates the “Celebrity Big Brother” winner on her wedding anniversary, then he says: “I’m reminiscing about my application back then at our construction site in the train station.”

After many years, their children could finally play there together. “Our dream has finally come true”, so Blümer and further: “To many more years after the now almost 13! I love you and our children.” To do this, he put a collage with several pictures of couples online.

“What’s going wrong?”

It doesn’t sound like that after a marital crisis. This also causes confusion among the Instagram followers of Blümer. “And she turtles with someone else that day. What is going wrong? Doesn’t sound like a breakup here,” someone wrote, for example. “Who is fooling whom?”, Another person wants to know and another comment is: “That’s tough, he makes her a declaration of love and she turtles around with someone else. Poor Mike.”

According to Melanie Müller, it was Mike Blümer who stood in the way of a reconciliation. He left her alone, needed a break and went on vacation with friends that they actually wanted to enjoy together.

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