Sweden: why was the new Prime Minister forced to resign on the day of her election?

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After an abortive reign of a few hours, the candidacy of Magdalena Andersson for the post of Prime Minister of Sweden will be the subject of a new vote on Monday.

Less than eight hours after her election by parliament, the new Swedish Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson, was forced to resign on Wednesday 24 November.

At issue: the departure of his environmental allies from the newly formed government, after the defeat of his budget proposal.

“There is a constitutional practice whereby a coalition government resigns when a party leaves it. I do not want to lead a government whose legitimacy is in question,” the Social Democratic leader said at a conference Press.

On the evening of this abortive reign, Magdalena Andersson said she hoped to be re-elected to her post in a subsequent vote, held next Monday, with a government this time 100% social-democratic.

Political domino game

Elected for a few hours the first woman to this post after several days of already delicate negotiations, she was the victim of a painful game of political domino.

Tuesday evening, this 54-year-old economist, until now Minister of Finance to her predecessor Stefan Löfven, had secured in extremis the support necessary to come to power, thanks to a last-minute agreement with the Left Party to increase small pensions.

But another key party, the Center Party, unhappy with the concessions made to the left wing, withdrew its support for the budget, without blocking its rise to power.

Consequence: the same Parliament which elected her in the morning put her budget in a minority in the afternoon, and adopted that of the right-wing opposition, prepared for the first time with the far-right Democrats of Sweden (SD).

“Magda” Andersson had said he could handle it. But for his environmental ally, the only other party in the minority government coalition, it was unacceptable to govern with a finance law bearing the stamp of the far-right.

Shortly after the budget defeat, the environmental party therefore announced its departure from the government, forcing Magdalena Andersson to return her barely acquired apron.

“It is not the mission of the Green Party to apply the budget negotiated by SD. Our leadership is unanimous in saying that we cannot be in a government with a budget prepared by SD”, justified the spokesperson. party, Märta Stenevi.

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